Anime Con/Expo in South Africa

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#1 Scabus on 8 years ago

Hey people, can anyone help me, I am trying to find any place that there will be a Anime convention or Expo, for cosplay in South Africa. But I can't find anything, and yes I have Googled it, I still can't find anything, any help would be appreciated.
Regards Scabus

#2 Shenra on 8 years ago

I know of 3 conventions I usually go to.
*UPCON (usually first weekend in April) held at the University of Pretoria, Pretoria
*ICON (usually first weekend in July, but the dates sometimes change) held at the Jabula Recreational center, Johannesburg
*rAge (usually first weekend in October) held at the Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg

I think there is a convention somewhere in Durban, I think it is called UMICON but I'm not sure

#3 Kasane_Teto on 8 years ago

How much would it cost to get into the conventions?

#4 PinkRose3101 on 7 years ago

I would so love to know too ^^ I'm also in South Africa!!

#5 Trinitykeyblade on 7 years ago

Hey guys, wow I didn't realise there were more SA cosplayers here (n_n) I'm from Durban and while they're not "conventions" my sister and I do hold cosplay meet-ups and photoshoots from time to time... we've only had two, and they're small, but really fun :) here's the link to the FB group, since we do get other SA cosplay news... also, rAge is awsome to go to for cosplaying :)

#6 Assailant19 on 7 years ago

Im also shocked to see so many S.A people here hi Im from PTA where all of you from?