Persona cosplayers?

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#31 Lothlin on 11 years ago

Y'know, hearing about more people doing P3 cosplays for Acen is definately making me want to go to the con even more- I'm going to have to start putting aside my money so I'll be able to afford a hotel room XD

Here's a question- in the artbook, in the tiny little illustration detailing the invoker (yay for not being able to read japanese!), there's a little blue bit on the handle, and for some reason my mind got to thinking that it was illuminated. I was watching in the cutscenes for it, but it's still not really clear if it is or not. What do you guys think?

If it is, I'm thinking of maybe getting a few LEDs and embedding them into it when I make it to make it light up XD

#32 Tallredheadkid on 11 years ago

I'm planning on slowly getting a Junpei costume together. This year I'll just be going in his summer attire, but I hope to slowly add to it.
If anyone want to give me tips as to how I could create his emblem/adhere it to a hat, let me know.
I attached a small pic of his hat. Fan art, but still accurate.

#33 Kurimono on 11 years ago

I've been wanting cosplay a character from Persona 3 for a while since finishing up the game. I've been slowing leaning towards crossplaying Yukari for sakura and kumori con 08 presuming I can pull it off.

#34 Demosthenes on 11 years ago

I'm ding Jumpei Iori for an upcoming con here. 8D

And for those interested, I have found a GREAT Persona 3 Reference pictures site, everything from characters to the Personas!


#35 shiri_tori on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Demosthenes;2127475]I'm ding Jumpei Iori for an upcoming con here. 8D

And for those interested, I have found a GREAT Persona 3 Reference pictures site, everything from characters to the Personas!


Wow, it even has more than Digtial Devil Database...crazy! Thanks a lot for this...If only me and my friends had found this before we made our blazers...though to be fair the game wasn't released by [email protected][email protected]

...AND OMG, is that a Raidou icon?!

#36 Lothlin on 11 years ago

Holy reference pictures batman! Man, I wish I could read more japanese.


#37 +Gogo+ on 11 years ago

Oh man, that's SO helpful for Chihiro, thanks!

#38 ChibiTifa05 on 11 years ago

I don't know how the hell I'd do it, but one of my dream cosplays for next year is Persona Lucia (Fuuka's second persona). The only problem is that ball thing in like the middle of the dress. Does anyone know how I'd be able to do that? ^^;

#39 Demosthenes on 11 years ago

Glad you guys like the site. I happen to stumble upon it accidentally myself and it GREATLY helped in my Jumpei Iori Suit XD Just thought of sharing the nice goodies around 8D

shiri_tori >> FINALLY! A Raidou Kuzunoha fan 8D Sorry to hear about the blazers though =/ But I'm sure it would still be great.

#40 Zelos_Wilder on 11 years ago

Yes! 8D! I'm going to be part of a Persona group at Otakon. We've got Minato (me), Akihiko, Ken, and possibly a Fuuka <33~

#41 dollssoulkirie on 11 years ago

I was planning on doing a P3 cosplay for Nekocon this year, however a little baby boy came up, so it kinda ruined the chance to work on the idea. So, I'm planning on working on various Persona costumes for next year, if I can get the time with working two jobs, raising a new baby, and playing all my video games. @[email protected]

#42 demifiend on 11 years ago

I've decided to go easy on myself for the main character's costume. Does anybody know what kind of jacket/pants would work for it?

#43 hallelujahlogic on 11 years ago

we're probably going to have a small group (minato, junpei, elizabeth, aigis, and either akihiko or shinjiro depending on if my boyfriend decides he wants to cut his hair or not) at acen 08.

#44 fokushii on 11 years ago

Omg, Demosthenes, THANK YOU. Except now I really need to do Artemisia's whip. Like I didn't have enough to do with the costume already. Dammit.

(But whee, I threw a wild guess on the design of her boots and got it almost right! \o/)

#45 Varna on 11 years ago

It's official, I'm cosplaying Aigis (or Aegis, whatever) XD I've always wanted to cosplay an android girl ^^ Though when I'll have it done I have NO idea. There are a couple cosplays I should probably do before this one so I'm not sure how much money I'll have after those. But I haven't even played Persona 3 yet and I already know I want to cosplay her, I've watched trailers and stuff XD I'll be playing it soon for sure though~