Persona cosplayers?

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#16 shiri_tori on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=ChibiTifa05;2092985]Yukari from P3 will be done for Katsu hopefully. I think the hardest part of the costume is the Evoker, since I'm making the whole thing. ^^;;[/QUOTE]

Oh, do post up picks of your Evoker when you're done! I know our evokers gave me and my friends some trouble...^^;;

#17 KurzesHaar on 11 years ago

My friend and I are going to make Mitsuru's two personas (from P3) Penthesilea and Artemisia. We're not even going to start on them until after our next con (AUSA), so they will hopefully debut at AMA in June

#18 LadiesMan217 on 11 years ago

im probably going to put together a simplu fuuka yamagishi from P3 for katsucon. we'll see how it goes.

#19 cherryteagirl5 on 11 years ago

I'm planning on Yukari from P3. But I'll debut it during 2009, since the game takes place in that year.

#20 Yeu on 11 years ago

I've done Naoya (Main) from Persona 1, hope to co Tatsuya from P2 and Main again for P3. There seriously needs to be more Persona cosplayers out there.

#21 shin0bu on 11 years ago

im trying to do p3 cosplay -_- but i dun know how much would i look like minato T_T...

btw i dun know bout wigs n' stuff so i'm just using my own hair :S

#22 fokushii on 11 years ago

I'm a bad person and have never actually played the games (I'd love to but I'm currently lacking the PS) but I love the character designs. I did Eros earlier this year and am now working on Artemisia (My deadline is 27 days from now and I came up with the idea yesterday. Am I doomed or what?).

#23 ryuuraigeki on 11 years ago

My friends and I are contemplating doing Persona 3 cosplay for Ohayocon. (so far, looks like Akihiko, Junpei, main character, and perhaps one other character....)

The four of us live in the same apartment, so we all got sucked into the game because a certain one of our members was playing it all the time. :P

After picking it up myself, I've found that I really love the game so far, even though I dislike most of the characters except for Mitsuru and the protagonist. (<---I want to cosplay him and walk around the con with "Burn My Dread" playing on my headphones all the time, ahah)

Man, can't wait to honor picture requests. So many pseudo-suicides in that game...

#24 Rikkizilla on 11 years ago

Me and my friends are pulling together a Persona 3 group for Sakuracon and Kumoricon. (We have the main character, Mitsuru, Yukari, Junpei, Jack Frost [or Gourmet King, he hasn't decided yet] and possibly a Fuuka and Chidori.) The jacket is giving us a bit of trouble though.

#25 sakurastar89 on 11 years ago

My friends and I have part of the Persona 3 cast. I'm the main character, shiri_tori's our Ken, and another one is Mitsuru ^-^. But we so want an Akihiko and a Junpei ><. Persona needs so much more love and cosplayers!

#26 Lothlin on 11 years ago

I'm going to try to convince my group to do Persona 3 for Acen. Even if not, I'm going to try my darndest to get Mitsuru done for myself for the con, assuming I go. I'm going to have so much fun making the evoker when I find the time to get started on it XD

#27 Vicka on 11 years ago

Well I know for Acen I will most likely be doing Yukari :P

Also trying to convince my boyfriend to tag along as the main character.

#28 shiri_tori on 11 years ago

#29 +Gogo+ on 11 years ago

For acen, I'm doing Chihiro from P3. I know she's not really like..a main character, but I <3 her since she looks a lot like me and is similar. :D And my friend is doing main, so I hope to see some of you at acen~!

#30 demifiend on 11 years ago

I'll be doing the hero from Persona 3 at AX 2007. My friend has talked about wanting to do Thanatos, which would be awesome if he can pull it off. Someday, I'd like to do Apollo from Persona 2, but that'll be near the end of my cosplaying career.
Everybody should cosplay more Shin Megami Tensei, it's such a spectacular series and the character (and monster) designs rival anything from Square-Enix.