Persona cosplayers?

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#1 waste0fcarb0n on 15 years ago

Has anyone cosplayed as a character from this good, but fairly unknown MegaTen offshoot RPG series? Just curious.

I loved the games, cuz you know... the high school setting of the first one was easy to relate to and the storyline of the second one, Eternal Punishment, was just too good.

#2 Emeralda on 15 years ago

I have.. I have a Maki (Mary) costume. I've worn it a couple times, and I love it. Used to have a picture in the galleries, but I deleated it.

But there are NEVER enough Persona cosplayers. There's a small contingent of Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment cosplayers, but very few from the original.

#3 Heather on 15 years ago

My first cosplay ever was Eriko Kirishima (Ellen) from EP, I've also cosplayed as Ulala! I've always wanted to cosplay as Ellen from the first Persona, but I haven't had the chance yet. >_

#4 Archelon on 15 years ago

I cosplayed as Katsuya Suou from Eternal Punishment.

#5 Emeralda on 15 years ago

*hmmmmmns and taps her chin thoughtfully* Well.................. not entirely sure that I'm going to be going to Katsu............... BUUUUUUUUUT. Should we try to get a group together at that time? Or for another con? *sniffs and hugs Heather* You know, that maybe we can hang out for more than like 5 minutes.

#6 Heather on 15 years ago

YES~ we totally should. Manderina is also going to Katsu possibly as well -- and I'm sure she'd love to bring one of her Persona costumes! I'll talk to her about it! ^_^

*pinches Archelon's cheeks* You make such an awesome Katsuya~! XD

#7 Resuka on 15 years ago

I have seen a few Persona cosplayers, most notably one very stunning Maya (I think I saw her at Katsucon a few years back): [url][/url]

Perhaps more Persona costumers will surface as the series sees (marginally!) wider release here. ^_^

#8 Sarabella on 15 years ago

*Thinks about cosplaying as Ellen from the first Persona* >_>

#9 Archelon on 15 years ago

Well, with Digital Devil Saga and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne being released this year, we might begin to see more and more cosplayers from this series.

#10 jetspectacular on 15 years ago

Persona revelations cosplay used to be really big on japanese fansites.. i remember every third homepage I visited *someone* had been to a megaten/persona event.. I really do hope it gets more popular in the states now :3

#11 shiri_tori on 12 years ago

One day, just one day, I'll go as Michel-sama from Innocent Sin...*looks wistfully off into the distance*...though I'd rather go as Jun...(^__^)

#12 jimmycosplay on 11 years ago

i have a minato (persona 3's main character) cosplay in the works. :] hopefully it turns out well.

#13 -Kitsu on 11 years ago

Oh wow, prolly a good time to mention me and a couple friends are putting together a small P3 group for Katsu.

#14 Tenel Ka on 11 years ago

I'm hopefully gonna get my Mitsuru Kirijo costume done for Katsucon! :D

Haha, it's fun to see the old posts up there from my old name. And I still haven't done that Revelations: Persona Ellen yet! >_

#15 ChibiTifa05 on 11 years ago

Yukari from P3 will be done for Katsu hopefully. I think the hardest part of the costume is the Evoker, since I'm making the whole thing. ^^;;