Toyokalon vs Kanekalon

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#1 kynthiamoon on 14 years ago

Which fiber do most of you like to use best? I'm looking to do a wig (enchantment wig so length to deal with) and was wondering for one, which tangles less.

I've used silky braid hair (Kanekalon) before, and being totally new to it (researching is nothing to actually experiance) I hated it. It tangled horribly, I also didn't like the feel of it. (It's supposed to feel like real hair, and it does feel like most people's hair, just not mine. lol. I have weird hair.)

How good are the yaki switches? (Toyokalon) Do they tend to tangle fairly easy also? I know a lot of people say they are a bit more plasticey feeling, but like soft barbie hair plasticey, or just yucky? Same with the natural hued enchantment wigs. Since they are made with the same fiber as the yaki switches, how well do they feel? I was just reading one of the other posts which said they aren't very great... So I'm just wondering on everyone's opinions. Thanks!

Oh and while I'm at it, does anyone know the length of the yaki switches? (From I'm not going to order elsewhere. ^_^ I like her too much.)

#2 archangeli on 14 years ago

This is a direct copy-paste from -

The natural hued wigs right below in a good quality (Toyokalon) fiber
The bright and wild hued wigs (made from Kanekalon, a bit better quality than Toyokalon)

I think the "yucky" Kanekalon you worked with is the crimped dry stuff that is made for adding into African hair - esp. since you called it "braid hair." Good quality wig Kanekalon (like the ones from amphigory) is INFINITELY softer and smoother compared to braiding quality Kanekalon.

#3 NiGHTmaren on 14 years ago

Kanekalon is really awesome quality, it's what most of my wigs are made from. I've seen some natural-colored kanekalon, as well, just not on Amphigory's site. In fact I never purchased a wig from there but I might for Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi)...whenever I get around to cosplaying him, that is.

*~Hime no Toki~*

#4 Cosmos/Moon on 14 years ago

I have both a Toyokalon and Kanekalon wig. Toyo wig is softer and tangles less, but the Kana has a more realistic hue and texture. I

'm not a fan of yaki hair, I go more for the silky braid or the yaki straight braid

but it all depends on the look your going for!

#5 kynthiamoon on 14 years ago

The kind I used was the best quality used for loose extensions. I didn't know they even had something like the jumbo braid stuff in that fiber! lol. How I feel about it ends as more the personal feeling side. ^_^

I know I'm going to have to get the toyo wig as I need it in a natural color, (plus cost restrictions) and I was going to add highlights too it. So I guess the silky yaki would be the way to go, as it'll be the same fiber as the wig... I'm still up for any opinions on what every one else likes to work with! (not like I have the money to buy any yet.)

#6 newmyu on 14 years ago

I've used silky, silky yaky, and yaky (jumbo braid), all in the high quality fibers. The yaky jumbo braid it a nightmare if you aren't looking to have a puffed mess. ^^; The silky is GREAT if you're needing to add hair for pigtails or something, as it will match pretty well to whatever base, if you order the same color. Its texture is also similiar to that of a person with soft, fine hair. Silky yaky...the best way I can describe the texture is that of an Asian's hair. My best friend is Chinese, and her hair texture is MUCH like that of the silky yaky. It tangles less than silky, is thicker, and seems to be heavier as well. It also tends to have a more natural-looking curl at the ends as well.

I've worked almost exclusively with the unnatural colors. For my Usagi wig, I used a combination of silky for the part (my current one, not my first one.. ^^; ) and I'm going to be using silky yaky for the tails, just because it seems to take a beating better.

Hope that helps some! :)