Akasha from queen of the damned. Please help.

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#1 Misarylane on 14 years ago

I would like to make [URL="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j316/DesireMor/akasha.jpg"]akasha's black dress.[/URL] But I really don't know how to make the top. I was thinking maybe I could use a bra and really light clay to make the shape in it. And add straps with beads or whatever. The skirt I get. The top...not so much.

I forgot to say this...I would like to know if thare is a type of clay thats REALLY light, but holds well? I kinda want to make a bra cup size sculpture then super glue it to the real cup.

Oh and for the colors of the beads, if anyone knows all the colors of her beads that would be awsome, because I really want to use REAL beads and not fabric like everyone else.

And if you can, what would be my best bet to use for the crown? I really have no idea. I heard a bridel head thingy might be good. Anyone else have any idea's?


#2 GabrielDarkhawk on 14 years ago


This pic may help with the bead colors. As for clay, try paperclay or perhaps even model magic. You may want to look into slave Leia cosplayers and see how they constructed their bras. For the crown I'd make a wire skeleton and then start beading away...and add some light card stock or something for the black parts.

#3 Misarylane on 14 years ago

OMG that picture is amazing!! I LOVE YOU. you just saved me 2 weeks of nothingness. Thank you for all your help.

#4 GabrielDarkhawk on 14 years ago

No problem, happy to help. ^_^ Good luck!

#5 VickyBunnyAngel on 14 years ago

I second the model magic and paperclay as very lightweight materials to use. However with model magic, i find that it can still be damaged even after it's had time to cure. It has this neat foamy texture to it, but it still feels soft and if I really wanted to, I could dent it with a pen ;.;

You should probably go with some wire support to build the clay on, to give it some strength as well, then glue on some nice padding or even gel pads (like the ones for those strapless invisible bras) to the back for comfort.

#6 Satine on 14 years ago

I would get some 34-36 gauge copper or brass and emboss that. You used to be able to buy craft kits where you could do just that and full in the back of the embossed area with clay then display them;) I seem to recall using a pen and iceblock stick to press the copper into shape.

You can buy sheets of copper/brass from hobby places. Then I suspect you would need enamel paints, again pretty easy to get.

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