Sailor Moon 2013

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

I have no Plans to do a Sailor Moon cosplay (although I'd be tempted to do a villain).

I though I start a thread and also mention that their will be a new Sailor Moon anime starting in July 2013 for the summer block! How many episodes they have not mention but it will be produced my Toei Animation again.


Saturday May 25, 2013
Location: TCC 2
Time: 12 pm
Day: Saturday May 25, 2013
Public event: [url][/url]
Group: [url][/url]
Cosplay thread: [url][/url]

Sunday May 26, 2013
Location: TCC 2
Time: 3 pm
Day: Saturday May 25, 2013

Read more: [url][/url]

Cosplayer List:[/B]

Princess Serenity's Manga Dress ~ HareyuNanami
Sailor Mars ~ Kagomekai
Sailor Moon ~ Inkreader13
Sailor Neptune & Uranus ~ musicalcats & friend
Catsy/Koan ~ chaos_magician's
Beruche/Birdie ~ chaos_magician's friend
Queen Nehelenia ~ Ani_BEE
Wicked Lady ~ ImNotThatDrunk
Mistress 9 ~ Shannynn
Sailor Saturn ~ Ainam
Sapphire & Prince Diamond ~ Lanna_Waterdrop & Friend
Neptune ~ Uta Arashino
Princess Serenity (manga) ~ CirqueDuFolie's

#2 Merino on 6 years ago

I've been thinking of making a Queen Beryl, I'll update closer to the con if I will have it for AN

#3 musicalcats on 6 years ago

Sailor Neptune & Uranus (my friend) for us. :)

#4 LuluHime on 6 years ago

thinking of making Princess Serenity's Manga Dress =3

#5 Inkreader13 on 6 years ago

If I go I will be Sailor Moon (well, if my wigs is still holding up.)

#6 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

I'll be going as Mars on 2 if not all 3 days of the con. Partially to celebrate the reboot of the anime and partially because I want to wear this cosplay again to a con. (bought it at otakuthon in montreal and wore it on the saturday so I wouldn't have to bus and metro in my very elaborate cosplay.)

I would like to do some solo photoshoots (aswell as join the big one that no doubt there will be like every year) if any one is interested let me know. It'll probably be some action shots and other cool stuff that we can after post onto the site. :)

#7 chaos_magician on 6 years ago

I decided to do Catsy/Koan for one of the days and my friend might go as Beruche/Birdie ;)

#8 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

^ is your friend happen to be our roommate for next year. ;)

I just really can commit to SM character as I feel like I would physically do a disservice to the characters. Plus I don't feel like any of the designs wold wool good one me. lol

I'm all for the SM love! And your can treat me like a random monster for a day. (Seriously the Monster High gilrs look like random SM villains for the day lol)

#9 chaos_magician on 6 years ago

Nope she's a friend from work but she's comfortable with showing off alot of skin ^3^

I starting re-watching Sailor Moon and I always loved the villains the best esp the Black Moon Family esp Demando who I cosplayed a few times but I always wanted to do one of the sisters ^^ Hopefully we can get two other ppl to do Calavaras and Petz ^^

XD will do! I liked some of the Youmas in Sailor moon so it would be awesome to see ppl do them like the Seven rainbow crystal carriers ^^

Nah I think you could pull off a Sailor Moon character just fine! ^^ You would make an awesome Beryl or Nehelenia ;3

#10 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

^ Funny you mentioned those two are they are the costume I keep thinking of. haha

Promised myself i would make another costume for AN ..... Now I'm thinking of Nehelenia....the dress is simple enough to put together. I'm pale enough to not need to alter my skin tone which would be nice for a Friday or Sunday costume for me. She is pale purple in the anime but their is only so mush body paint I'm will to subject myself in a weekend. lol


I'd wear her to FanExpo as well. Evil Queen is so much love.

How to build her massive hair.

Base wig would be one of these.
2 buns
2 cliply clip ones.
one of these for length to sew under the base wig.

Total $150US. :(

#11 chaos_magician on 6 years ago

Oh wow really?!! XD I must be psychic ^3^

Dooo iiiiitttt.... Nehelenia would be amazing!! Love her dress!!

Yeah it will probably be pretty hot will all that body paint so totally understandable ^^()

Can't wait for the new anime in 2013!! I'm so glad this show is still going on strong! ;D

#12 Merino on 6 years ago

Ani_Bee you should totally do Nehelenia! I am making Beryl for Youmacon so I'll totally have it for AN. WE CAN BE EVIL TOGETHER.

#13 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

Must get long red nails this Halloween. Actually I think the Dollarama has some I can shape into claws. lol I already have the ears.

But dang her massive hair. I was looking on ebay as well and long and wave wigs are not being made.

I've entered the Arda wig contest for November. Hope to win something for the Kongiku wig I made. (Kongiku in The wig of Destiny :rockon:)

I think the saving grace this year will be that fact I won't have any large props and mostly dresses.

Watashi (orange bell dress, light weight Mary Janes)
Venus (light weight punk clothes, and massive man eating boots boots)
Nehelenia (layers of fabric dress, I'm wearing black slippers as not one would see her shoes lol)

The wigs are going to be "fun" this year those. lol

The white part and the purple cape I want a texture fabric for it. (lace or sheers) The black I want solid so that it's a deep shade to contrast the purple and white. Every one but on person has done solid fabric but she is "royalty".

Actually what type of flowy fabric you you recommend for the black?

I can try again to get some contact.
Ice blue cat eye contacts are hard to get. >_<

I just won't be able to wear her on Saturday but I'm flexible for a Friday or Sunday shoot as Watashi is from a series that is awesome but to new and under the radar. lol

Section of pimping.
Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity has Declined) is up anyone ally for those that love the nature of Madoka Magica. I'm eager for even the OVA 3 minute shorts. lol

#14 Merino on 6 years ago

I feel Friday / Sunday would work best for me as well as my Garnet dress will be my large Saturday costume this year

#15 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

A photoshoot on Sunday would probably work for more people (the turn out for Madoka was insane last year). lol
Friday I find hectic for people as they usually still trying to get their tickets and rooms.

Out of curiosity is any one interested in a Saturday shoot at FanExpox this year and I plan to wear her that day as well. Get the full body pain as well. lol The new anime will be out by then.