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#1 jaycii on 13 years ago

This is a thread for Bleach cosplayers who might need some help with a certain character or outfit. It is still relative unorganized as of now so please bear with me and help me get this done right.

If there is something missing here and you'd like to share your experiences or suggestions, please leave a message here or pm me. They will be greatly appreciated and added to the corresponding categories.
Of course, if anything I've written is faulty, please let me know as well so I can get it fixed. : )

If the character you are looking for does not have (sufficient) information, please search [URL=""]this thread[/URL] as it is the original Bleach thread. You could also try searching the wigs or props forum. Sometimes more info turn up than you might expect : )

If what you are looking for is not listed here, it may be because the character is really new...or really old, and please remind me to add them on. Please note that none of the Bount Arc characters are listed, however if you would like a section dedicated to them please let me know. I will do it ASAP.

[URL=""]LimitBreakCosplay [/URL]is also a great site to go to if you need general guidelines for cosplaying.

For information on Wonderflex (for Chad's arm, various types of armor, masks, or whatnot), go [URL=""]here[/URL].

To buy various bleach items, accessories, or even badges or small things that you can't or don't want to make, simply go to either of these sites. They have a great selection of items
[URL=""]Cosplay Magic[/URL]
eBay may be a good source as well.

[b]INDEX as follows[/b]
Post #2: Parts to a Standard Shinigami Outfit (aka shihakushou)
Post #3: Instructions - Shihakushou
Post #4: Instructions - Captain's Accessories (please note that any added information after Jan 08 cannot be done on this post, therefore are linked from the Credits section)
Post #5: Instructions - Other Shinigami + Rukongai Characters
Post #6: Instructions - Hueco Mundo (General Instructions and Characters)
Post #7: Instructions - Real World Characters
Post #8: Instructions - Zanpakutous, Other Weaponry, How to Make Plushies, etc
Post #9: Credits.


#2 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Parts to a Shinigami Outfit[/b]
This is also called a [i]shihakushou[/i], 死覇装 literally translated as "garment of dead souls."
Here we included the more correct terms and parts to a shinigami outfit so when discussed elsewhere you'll know what parts are referred to. Instructions are further below but if you don't know these terms already please take some time to read through this.

Underkimono: white. uses a type of relatively thin fabric. also known as juban and is worn under the gi or kosode like an undershirt or wifebeater to keep the outer clothing from getting soiled since it's always easier to clean an undergarment than having to wash the whole suit every other day.

Keikogi (Gi) or Kosode: personally I don't really understand the difference, but this is the black outer part that we wear over the underkimono. There are usually slits/vents under the sleeves for this.

Hakama: the black pants that looks like a bit like a skirt (you can also make this as a skirt if you like). If you've bought a pair from a store, you can see that there are black strings (called [i]himo[/i]) for you to tie around your waist with. In a shihakusho, however, the himo are white (therefore looks like a separate obi). If you make a hakama from scratch, be sure to use white fabric for the himo. If you have a store-bought pair, carefully remove them and attach your own white ones.

Obi: generall mislabeled as the white string that is tied around the waist like a belt. Those are called himo, as noted above. However for some special shihakushos like Soi Fong's or Kyouraku's, they have an extra piece of cloth that is usually considerably wider than the himo and has a different color and is wrapped over it for, technically, decorative use.

Tabi Socks: two-toed. it's easier to buy this online. Or you can just sew up a normal pair of socks, separating the big toe from the rest.

Waraji/Straw Sandals: this could also be bought online, or you can make your own replica of something with a more comfortable material.

Haori: the white jacket worn over the kosode/gi by captains. Every captain has a unique inner-lining color. There is also a number at the shoulder blade region in the back signifying the squad the captain is in charge of.


#3 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Instructions - Shihakushou[/b]
these are some sites linked from all over the forums. Some can be bought as well, which may or may not be a better choice. Whatever suits yourself best.

Fabric: something lightweight, thin cotton fabric recommended.
Usually you can just follow a gi's guide, but if you do, remember the juban does [i]not[/i] have slits at the underarm.

Fabric: good-enough quality cotton, cotton/poly blend? Should be bit medium-weight. Some also recommend twill or gaberdine. Traditional kimonos and Japanese wear also use linen as well.
[URL=""]Help Wanted with Tutorial[/URL] for anyone who may come across the same problem(s).
[URL=""]Chiideki[/URL] also contains hakama pattern(s).
[URL=""]Kimono Pattern[/URL]

Fabric: Twill is the most recommended. Also denim or gaberdine. As noted in the [i]gi[/i] section, linen is the most traditional fabric used.
[URL=""]Thread One[/URL]
[URL=""]Thread Two[/URL] this one is about the back of the hakama.
[URL=""]Thread Three[/URL]
[URL=""]Thread Four[/URL]
[URL=""]Chiideki[/URL] also has kimono pattern(s).

Tabi Socks:
Best bought online or from store. I haven't seen a guide for this yet, there are numerous stores that sell these if you try googling. Select your best price/quality/store from there. You can also try [URL=""]cosplaymagic[/URL] as well.

Waraji/Straw Sandals:
[URL=""]Fantastic Tutorial from State Alchemist[/URL]
There are a lot more different types of waraji tutorials available all through the forums in case you don't like the one provided. I'm still compilating everything else.

Haori for Captains:
Fabric: denim and twill recommended most. Also stretchable cotton or a type of heavy cotton. inner lining silk or polyester, generally something soft and smooth. the outside should be pretty heavyweight.
How-to: You can actually just use any gi pattern and make it without the sleeves.
I wonder if it might be better to have some kind of (very little) curve done at the waist so it won't look so "bolted down"? Any ideas?
Tutorials for sale:
[URL=""]This one[/URL] is said to be very accurate.
For the black patterns on bottom of haori and captain's squad numbers you can either use fabric paint, iron-on, or embroidery depending on what you prefer most.

Tutorial by MasterSwordette[/B]

MasterSwordette has spent time to compile up a tutorial for making the whole Shinigami outfit, and I have pasted it here for everyone to check out if it makes life any easier. Thank you!
This is a tutorial guide for a shinigami outfit for a novice cosplayer.

Part One - The Shirt
Step one
If you have a karate gi, get it out, you'll need it. Trim your pattern up (I will have a style of the karate Gi I mean in my gallery) from your fabric, use a little more fabric than what you'll need, because if you make it the size of the gi, it will come out too small.

Pin the fabric pieces together, such as the two front pieces, and the back. When making these pieces, make sure you leave little slits at the sides, that's what karate gi's look like.

Step two
Sew those two pieces up, leave room for seam allowance

Step three
Make the arms to your kimono just like you would any costume, but be sure to have a reference picture on hand to see how long it should be. Do not go for the character's size, because if you are small, it will not work out. Again leave room for seam allowance. under the sleeve close to the arm pits there are triangular little holes, cut those out, leaving seam allowance, for when you sew those up.

Step four
When you have your pieces to the arms cut out, pin them to the sleeve holes. Sew those on. Don't forget to hem the little triangular holes.Just be sure not to allow the fabric to scrunch around the sewing machine or become bunched underneath the seam or you will be ripping out stitches!

Step five (part 1)
With extra fabric, now you make the hem that runs up the kimono. Pin them slowly to the edge of the kimono flaps. Again, make sure there's room for seam allowance, or you will come up too short. To do the hem, simply roll the fabric underneath so that way the edge will look clean and crisp. Again, take your time. If you have to leave some parts hanging from this section, do so if it makes you more comfortable. You won't get this part in one step.

Step five (part 2)
Finish off the hem, the hardest part will be the curve around the neck.

Step Six
Hem the kimono on the appropreate parts such as the sleeves and bottom. You will need to leave a quarter of an inch room for a good hem.

Part Two - The Pants

Step one
Make sure you buy a pattern if you are a novice cosplayer, even experienced cosplayers use a pattern and they modify the item they need. If you can't find a kimono pattern, any pattern that will make the poofy pants of doom will work.

Step two
Cut out your pattern etc, and place it on the fabric. Pants are hard so forgive me if I am vague on description. Make sure the pants will be large enough to cover your rear end. This may sound funny, but it is really frusterating to have your pants come up too short and you have to throw out fabric.

Step three
Cut the fabric and pin together. Pretend they are sleeves and around the crotch seam, pin that seam as well, again leaving room for seam allowance. I will not leave the tutorial for pleats in this one, as I'm sure there will be others with the pleats. This will be a tutorial for a non pleated pant.

Step four
To get the poofy pants of doom, cut a little wider around the edge at the bottom part of your ankles in a sort of oval/circular pattern. Trust me, it will work! You may want to do a few practice runs with scrap fabrics if you are not too sure.

Step five
Sew up the pants. Now you will need the little rubber bands, but make sure they will support your pants so they stay up!
Fold the pants inside out, (along the seam bottoms) and take the fabric, and pin it so that it looks as though there is a hole. That's where the bands will go. Put a safety pin through it and scrunch it through. Sew up the seams to that. Do the same for the waist band. Your pants are now finished. Remember to take your time when sewing your pants. (and all other parts of your costume!)Pants are hard to do, and you may say some things you wouldn't repeat out of the house. Do not take my tutorial word for word, this is just that, it is designed to help you out. Have fun making your shinigami and happy sewing!! ^^

#4 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Instructions - Captains[/b]
I've color-coded every captain with something most similar to his/her haori's inner lining to make it easier to read, but because it's not 100% accurate (some colors are too bright to read so are substituted by something darker), please check their "haori" sections, the anime or manga itself, or Bleach musicals to confirm the colors.
For general questions about managing, storing, or styling a wig, search [URL=""]this forum[/URL] for detailed instructions.

On a side note, [URL=""]here[/URL] is a relatively new thread on captains' haoris.

Yamamoto Genryuusai
[b]H[/b]aori: long sleeved. inner lining color royal purple.
[b]B[/b]eard: I guess you can stick a santa claus beard on? Or maybe a wig?

Soi Fong
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless. inner lining color orange (not neon)
[b]O[/b]bi: It's a yellow one worn over the standard white himo, and a bit wider as well.
[b]H[/b]air: a [URL=""]tutorial[/URL] for hair extensions if that's what you want to do.
[b]S[/b]uzumebachi (released zanpakutou): general guidelines [URL=""]here[/URL].

Ichimaru Gin
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless. inner lining color seafoam blue or green (similar but not same to Aizen's). For a better view see ep 21 when he drives Ichigo out of Seireitei with his zanpakutou.

Unohana Retsu
[b]H[/b]aori: long sleeved. Inner lining color reddish brown (but pretty)

Aizen Sousuke
[b]H[/b]aori: long sleeved. inner lining color seafoam green or blue.

Kuchiki Byakuya
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless, inner lining color navy blue.
[b]S[/b]carf: material should be something like silk or satin to emphasize its value and color should be a really light blue or green depending on preference. White is good as well.
[b]K[/b]enseikan: same color as the scarf, could be made with craft foam and clips. You can check out the manga chapter 56 or so to see the back of his head and how he does his hair. [URL=""]Here[/URL] is a suggestion from the props forum as well.
[b]T[/b]ekko: This could be any type of fabric, depending on your preferences. Memories of Nobody has a few nice shots of the tekko so you can get an idea of what it's like. Many fanarts draw it really well too.

Komamura Sajin
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless. inner lining color brownish yellow.
[b]A[/b]rmor: Could be made with pleather...
[b]H[/b]elmet: [URL=""]here[/URL] is a thread that may be helpful.
[b]F[/b]ox Head:

Shunsui Kyouraku
[b]H[/b]aori: long sleeves. inner lining color red.
[b]S[/b]traw Hat: you can try assembling this from scratch...You can also just buy it online.
[b]R[/b]obe: This should be just like his haori, so follow the guide in which you used for your haori and substitute the fabric.
[b]O[/b]bi: Over the himo he ties a large blue scarf. Some of the SS episodes show this pretty well.

Tousen Kaname
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless. inner lining color golden (but not the bright kind please)
[b]W[/b]hite Boots: can be bought or made with pleather.
[b]O[/b]range scarf: You can knit this or buy it..
[b]O[/b]ther: keep in mind his gi should be sleeveless.

Hitsugaya Toushirou
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless. inner lining color deep green/emerald.
[b]B[/b]ankai Wings: [URL=""]Thread[/URL] of suggestions

Zaraki Kenpachi
[b]H[/b]aori: sleeveless with ripped edges. inner lining color dark purple.
[b]H[/b]air: Please check [URL=""]here[/URL] for a tutorial and recommended gel.
[b]C[/b]hoker: you can just buy a similar one and embroider or fabric-paint the edges. Whatever suits you best.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri (many thanks to DeathCow for his detailed guide as follows)
[b]H[/b]aori: long-sleeved. inner lining color dark (grayish) green.
[b]H[/b]at: Cut the bill off of a baseball cap, use oaktag and buckram/interfacing to make the new bill and the border part.
[b]M[/b]ask: plaster wrap using your face as a mold (it might be smart to seal it with something like gesso too so it doesnt wear and tear down), superglue 3 drinking cups you're willing to butcher. Cut out the teeth and glue white cloth on the inside of the mask to give his lips' definition.
[b]D[/b]etonator (the one he used for setting his subordinates on fire in the SSArc): craft foam, silver, black, and green paint (careful what kind of glue is used cuz some may eat through the foam)
[b]E[/b]xtending Left Arm: plaster wrap your own hand in a creepy pose and let sit. carefully cut around your hand so it can be slipped off and then repair cuts with more wrap. Super glue it on end of a pole, wash rinse repeat for the wrist component and slide it on to the middle. Cut up some clothes hangers, paint silver and super glue them connecting the wrist and handpiece. Take tiny bits of plaster wrap and secure ends of wires.
[b]S[/b]ealed Zanpakuto: use foam/fiberglass resin tutorials, make sure you make the handle slightly bigger than the blade. Take any kind of clay, evenly spread, roll it out to about a half inch or a little more in thickness, trim the shape out using a paring knife making sure to note that one side is actually indented. Use newspaper to brace it up in the oven while you bake it. Paint, noting where there are screws on his guard, and either provide your own wrap, or paint one onto the hanging part which faces down when the sword is actually on the belt. Take some toothpicks, jam them in the handle near the guard and add a few drops of super glue.
[b]S[/b]hikai: Lots of foam and fiberglass resin from the tutorial. It might be helpful to cut it in sections and then attach them before applying the resin, 3 blades, the shield, the Jizou head and the handle. I also used uncoiled clothes hangers to act as support. After the resin is done(3-4 coats) spray paint it all gold. Take some green construction paper and some contact paper (laminating) and cut out some leaf-like shapes and attach them using super glue to the handle.
[b]E[/b]ar-Scythe: take a few feet of cloth, sew it together to kind of mimic an umbilical cord. Usually you can find some sort of scythe prop at a costuming shop, cut the handle to a proper size, run the cord up the handle and super glue it to secure it, and apply the correct paint.
[b]B[/b]elt: His belt is pretty wide, about 8 inches. make another smaller belt that is sewn onto part of the main belt, attaching on either side of the belt but slightly towards the back, this will hold the sheath.

Ukitake Juushirou
[b]H[/b]aori: long-sleeved, inner color dark red/royal red.

Urahara Kisuke(ex-Squad #12's Captain):
[b]A[/b]ccessories: Seems to wear waraji like everyone else in this outfit. Haori is long-sleeved.
[b]H[/b]aori: long-sleeved. inner lining dark grayish green.


#5 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Instructions - Other Shinigami[/b]
NOTE: for the shinigami fukutaichous' arm badges, the easiest way is to buy it from [URL=""]cosplaymagic [/URL]or ebay. They're really cheap and I don't know anyone who's not happy with them yet. Otherwise you can always use pleather, wood, cardboard, or whatever material you see fit to make one.

Kurosaki Ichigo Shinigami (other than shihakushou)
[URL=""]Sealed Zanpakutou Guide[/URL] (the large buster sword he had before the SS arc)
[URL=""]Shikai Sword Sash[/URL] (red)
[URL=""]Hollow Mask Tutorial[/URL]

Ichigo Bankai Form
Coat: You can make it from scratch using bottomweight twill or follow R1KKu's advice and alter a similar coat like Neo or Trinity's. There seemed to be two different inner lining colors, red and a bit of white. Which goes where and how they are incorporated is unknown as of now.
Mask: this could be made with a variety of different materials like craft foam, wonderflex, etc [URL=""]Here's[/URL] a link for how to make one though.
Also something you might want to check up on [URL=""]this[/URL].
Tensa Zangetsu: [URL=""]Here[/URL] is a post provided by Raiji Magiwind.

3.2 Kira Izuru
Other than the shihakushou, you probably need to worry about his hair. As mentioned in the beginning of the previous post, the wigs forum may have what you need.

4.2 Kotetsu Isane
If you are thinking about making hair extensions, check Soi Fon's section for a guide on how to do that.

4.7 Yamada Hanatarou
Cosplaymagic (link above) has a pretty nice bag of Hanatarou's, but I've heard they may get the color wrong or create some minor discrepancies so you can buy that and make some alterations. Toysnjoys also sell the bag as well.

5.2 Hinamori Momo
[URL=""]Bun[/URL]: this is for Haku from Naruto but applies to Momo as well.

6.2 Abarai Renji
The tattoos could be a bit of a hassle.
Released Zabimaru: still looking for a good guide.

6.? Rikichi
Toy Butterfly:

7.2 Iba Tetsuzaemon
His should be rather straightforward, the sunglasses being basically the only prop after the shihakushou is finished.

8.2 Ise Nanao
Her costume should be rather easy, after you get a pair of glasses, similar hair style, and the lieutenant badge, all you need is to make the shihakushou.

9.2 Hisagi Shuuhei
Face: should be pretty easy to do.
Gi: sleeveless and it seems he folds his long juban up to his shoulders.

10.2 Matsumoto Rangiku
She is pretty easy to do once you have a shihakushou. Her jewelry could be bought in most places, including eBay and

11.2 Kusajishi Yachiru
Pink hair!
Her zanpakutou has flowers on the hilt and wheels for easy transporting.

11.3 Madarame Ikkaku
[URL=""]This[/URL] is a helpful post offered by Kanzen_Muketsu. Thank you!

11.5 Ayasegawa Yumichika
His orange accessories seems interesting..some kind of ribknit? probably thicker than Rinoa's though.
For a tutorial on how to make his eyebrows, click [URL=""]here[/URL].

12.2 Nemu
You don't really need to make a gi and a separate skirt. It's easiest to make a longer gi or short version of a traditional "women's kimono." Saves a bit of a hassle.

13.2 Shiba Kaien
His is basically the average shinigami with a badge.

13.3 Kotetsu Kiyone
she wears white gloves and instead of the traditional juban she wears something with big collars.

13.3 Tsubaki Sentarou

13.?? Kuchiki Rukia
Hers is basically the same as any shinigami's shihakushou. You can try making the prisoner version as well, and that would just be a really long white gi(or a short kimono). For clothes like these it's always better to also have a juban underneath.

Somehow his coat reminds me of Bankai Ichigo's.

She should be relatively easy to do, but her shikai might be a bit of a hassle.

Shinigami Student Uniform
This is basically very similar to the shinigami uniform except for the colors. I'd say the top looks thicker (more snug) than the black you might want to make two or more layers for that piece..something warm (i know this type of material in inserted between two layers, the outer and inner lining, to create more insulation) any ideas on this?

[b]Instructions - Other Characters from Soul Society[/b]
Shiba Ganju
Haven't found a guide for his pants yet.

Shiba Kuukaku
[URL=""]this[/URL] mentions the top problem~~

Shihouin Yoruichi
[URL=""]Butterfly Pattern 1[/URL]
A pretty good [URL=""]thread[/URL] for her orange jacket
Someone suggested [URL=""]this[/URL] pattern as well.
Recommended fabric linen or twill. Whatever suits your preferences is best though, really.


#6 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Instructions for People in Hueco Mundo[/b]

[u]General Information[/u]
The Outfit: I've never noticed this much before, but it seems that Arrancars wear relatively the same clothes as the shinigami with opposite colors...They generally [i]don't[/i] wear jubans and instead wear a [i]white coat[/i] that's more like a western jacket than a gi with [i]stand-up collars and black cuffs and inner lining[/i]. For bottomwear they have white hakamas[/i] with [i]black himos[/i] to go with it. As the guide that follows they wear [i]shoes[/i] similar to waraji but are more like boots. Of course, they all have a part of their [i]mask[/i] and a [i]hollow center[/i] somewhere on their upper torso.

[URL=""]Hollow Mask Tutorial[/URL]
[URL=""]Arrancar Boots Thread[/URL]
Arei on an [URL=""]Exequias Mask[/URL]

[i]The Bosses[/i]



[i]The Espadas and [Other] Arrancar[/i]



Old Man:

[URL=""]General Help[/URL]
[URL=""]Here[/URL]'s another on his make-up, hair, clothing, and info in general


For his mask tutorial, go [URL=""]here[/URL].

Zomari Le Roux

[URL=""]Here[/URL] is a thread provided by Audhulma.



Nel Tu Kid

Neliel Tu Adult/Centaur
[URL=""]Here[/URL] is a link of pics that Cat-Chan~ had taken for her adult Neliel costume. Also you may feel free to [URL=""]PM her[/URL] if you have any questions as well! Many thanks to Cat-Chan~!



[b]Others in Hueco Mundo[/b]



#7 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Instructions for Other Real World Characters[/b]

Ichigo's High school uniform for guys (summer):

Ichigo's High School uniform for girls (summer):

HS Uniform guys (winter coat/vest):

HS Uniform girls (winter coat/vest):

Sado Yasutora:
There is a tutorial on Wonderflex above if you want to use that. [URL=""]Here[/URL] is a thread introducing many ways and different types of fabrics you can use.
For a craft foam tutorial go [URL=""]here[/URL].

Inoue Orihime
It's worth buying her clips online. They're made really well~~ check the first post for where to buy accessories.

Ishida Uryuu:
Bow and arrows: you can make these with the Wonderflex tutorial on post #1. At the props forum, there are also suggestions for carboards and super gluing as well (link to be added soon).
[URL=""]This[/URL] is for one of his cooler bows.
Relatively short coat: [URL=""]here[/URL] is a tutorial but since it's out of print (still available) it may be quite expensive.
Another [URL=""]thread[/URL] on his newer outfit.

about his geta, some people enjoyed making it, while some rather buy it. Please share your information about his geta please~~ Also his hat is sold everywhere and they’re mostly pretty cheap if you don’t want to make the hat. His coat should be similar to a haori’s so you can just check those links out. I’m not sure about the rest though. His top looks like a shinigami’s keikogi/kosode as well~~
For his cane: you can buy yourself one on ebay or something or make one yourself. The bottom part, if you don't want to use whatever the product has, get some rubber stoppers from Home Depot and smooth it with sandpaper, an X-acto knife, glue and clay...then paint on the "shinigami mark" with acrylics

[URL=""]Mushroom helmet guide[/URL]



#8 jaycii on 13 years ago

[b]Making Zanpakutous and all else not mentioned above[/b]

[URL=""]Here[/URL] is a tutorial highly recommended by Raiji_Majiwind.
For a wooden zanpakutou tutorial, go [URL=""]here[/URL].
For a cardboard katana tutorial, go [URL=""]here[/URL].
For paperclay-related questions [URL=""]this[/URL] is a helpful thread

Interested in making a plushie of Kon, Yachiru, or any character you want? [URL=""]Here[/URL] is a link that teaches and the patterns are easily altered.
Also [URL=""]here[/URL].

#9 jaycii on 13 years ago

Original Bleach Thread "Bleach Cosplay"
Many great suggestions and tutorials from all over the forums, whose names are too many to keep track @@.
Thanks to the following especially for making suggestions, sharing experiences, and clearing up many common misconceptions for this thread:
BandXaided (Please see [URL=""]this[/URL] as somehow I could not add it to the corresponding post above :\
Myalchod (updated info on Unohana's Obi: "Unohana wears a more traditional obi instead of the standard Shinigami one. It's either black with a white centre stripe or two layered obis, a wide black and a narrower white one, with a burgundy obi-jime.")

site under construction.

#10 benihime on 13 years ago

you got a few of the colors wrong for the haori linings


#11 CapsuleCorp on 13 years ago

One very very very important detail about the hakama and obi that needs clarification. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, but I have discussed it with other Bleach cosplayers so I know I'm not crazy.

The "obi" is actually WHITE TIES for the hakama. Most hakama as-made or bought come with ties (himo) the same color as the hakama. But the shihakusho is unique in that what looks like a white sash or obi is actually the himo of the hakama. They happen to be white instead of black. So, if buying hakama, one must remove (carefully) the black himo and sew on new, wider white himo. Or, if making from scratch, this is done in the construction.

I would also like to add some fabric suggestions for kimono and hakama. Linen. It's authentic to historical Japanese clothing and one of few fabrics (e.g. silk) you can find easily in the modern era to simulate historical clothing. Bleach is not "historical" in its setting but the clothing definitely is. Back in the day they would have used other plant-based fibers (hemp comes to mind, even raime) but a lot of those aren't made anymore.

#12 jaycii on 13 years ago

Yeah I know there are posts about how the hakama has its own ties but never had it clarified. I'll put that right up.
Thanks for your suggestions as well!!

#13 JVCA on 13 years ago

Thanks for the great compilation - you've made my boyfriend's Ichigo costume one heck of a lot easier. One thing though - your link to the original bleach thread in your first post is busted - you have it as [ url]http://[ url]http//[/url ][/url ] (without the spaces), when you need it to be [url ][/url ] (Again, without the spaces.) :)

#14 jaycii on 13 years ago



btw....should i add a section for characters from the Bount Arc? It's never really crossed my mind as there never seemed to be more than a handful of people asking about them...
Any ideas?

#15 stardust462 on 13 years ago

I think this is a great idea. The original Bleach thread is huge and hard to find resources unless you search page by page.

I've wanted to cosplay as Hinamori, Matsumoto, or Nanao Ise, but since Bleach is so over done I've kind of shied away from them, especially after doing Rukia. But after seeing so many shinigami costumes done wrong (black kimono with white trim....) it's inspired me to do one so I can do it right. This guide will be very helpful. Thanks!