Anime Evolution 2013 - June 28th - 30th

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#1 Tsukasa_1 on 6 years ago

Hey Everyone!
Thought I would start a thread since anime Evolution is back and is coming up in less then a month! Who is going and what are your cosplay plans!

This will be my first year going, not quite sure what I will revive from the cosplay closest yet hehe :)

See you all there!!


#2 animazn on 6 years ago

YAY someone who's going! Lets see here's my cosplay list:
Friday-Takeshi Yamamoto from KHR (I'll only be there for a few hours though)
Saturday- Kyoya Hibari from KHR
Sunday- Kirigaya Suguha from SAO/ALO

They are subject to change though. Depends on if I finish the props on time or not.