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#1 Hailsxxo on 6 years ago

Hey Everyone

For year 12 in Australia we have to do a 9 minute oral presentation at the end of the year for our exam, I have chosen to talk about anime, manga and cosplay. In doing this I have specifically picked sailor moon as a case study and was wondering if anyone could help me out with some Japanese vocab surrounding it. I'm having a bit of trouble finding some.

Many thanks
Hayley xoxo ^.^:wave::sunny::heart:

#2 Fabulousity on 6 years ago

Tsukino sounds like "tsuki no" which means "of the moon," and "Usagi" means "rabbit." There's a Japanese legend about a rabbit on/in the moon.
Mizuno sounds like "mizu no" which means "of water"
Hino sounds like "hi no" which means of fire
Kino sounds like "ki no" which means "of wood"
Aino sounds like "ai no" which means "of love"
Senshi = soldier
Henshin = transformation
Seifuku = sailor uniform
Neko = cat
Chuugakkou = middle school
Koukou = High school
Wakusei = planet
Tsuki = Moon
Suisei = Mercury
Kasei = Mars
Mokusei = Jupiter
Kinsei = Venus
Meiousei = Pluto
Tenousei = Uranus
Kaiousei = Neptune
Dosei = Saturn
Chibi = small/mini
Gin = silver

I'm not sure exactly what it is you want to know, so maybe if you were a little more specific, I would be able to help out more.

#3 AwkwardMarkie on 6 years ago

Since I'm not quite sure what your presentation is on exactly, I don't know if this would be a helpful source. However, if you are wanting to integrate facts about the Japanese culture and it's relationship to the anime/manage, this book would be a good source: [url][/url] I personally own a copy, and it's an interesting short read.