Prince Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

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#1 Ends Beginning on 6 years ago

So I have been working on my Prince Ashitaka cosplay and I've made good head way on it so far, but now I am stuck on the pants, riding pants, shoes, and legwarmers.
Anyone have any advice on making those pieces?

Here are some pictures of my cosplay so far. Yes the wig needs to be tamed which I will get to at some point.

Hood, Quiver w/Arrows, and belt pouch

Straw cape

Kodama doll



the bow is now stained a red color so it matches more closely to the movie. And ignore the pants in the picture they were a failed attempt. >///

#2 yaybit on 5 years ago

Wow, looking good! Did you weave the straw for the cloak in yourself, or was it bought that way?
And cute kodama!

#3 Ends Beginning on 5 years ago

I did make the cloak myself. I actually used something like 30 hulu skirts for it. The hulu skirts were cheaper then buying straw loose. The thing weights like 7lbs easily. XD
The kodama is actually an item I have commission made for other before so it was easy for me to make again.