Blazblue, anyone?

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#1 heyheyallright on 6 years ago

I'm planning on wearing my new Chronophantasma Noel cosplay for most of Saturday at Metrocon. I was wondering if anyone else would be cosplaying Blazblue! I'd love to get pictures with you guys! :)

#2 zilai on 6 years ago

I might bring my Litchi cosplay, but depending on how my newest costume holds up, I'll probably wear it on Sunday or Friday. D: I'll let you know if I do decide to wear it on Saturday, though~ :D

#3 Taisa_Azudragon on 6 years ago

I got Hazama, but for Sunday. Really depends on how motivated I am though about cosplaying him, cause he surprisingly takes a lot of time to put on and Sunday's a lazy day lol