One Piece Gathering 2012 - WE GO!!!

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#1 Ichnob-kun on 9 years ago

[B]Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

All right folks. Since I have both back-up hosted & co-hosted this panel, let's all go to the New Wor--I mean San Jose Convention Center for our One Piece gathering this year!

Final schedule --
Saturday: 1:30 pm
Location: Outside, front of convention center where fountains used to be (per Fanime thread, known as FCC HS)

Bonus choices --
One Piece Fan Panel in Panels Room 3 on Sunday @ 10:00am-11:00am
Possible mini-gathering afterwards?

Fanime is one of the most fun conventions I attend, and it's always a joy to be a part of the One Piece cosplay gathering. You guys all rock, so let's have a blast again this year!

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#2 CountMetal on 9 years ago

#3 Shichikou on 9 years ago

We'll be there. i have two OP cosplay. so we'll let the group decide what day to go as what. hahaha

#4 Ichnob-kun on 9 years ago

Sweet. Yeah, I feel like it's too early to put up a "I AM OFFICIALLY COSPLAYING AS..." post because it's just under 5 months away, and plans can change. I'm hoping that we can get the panel, and maybe we'll have another quickie One Piece cosplay contest.

#5 Shichikou on 9 years ago

We've decided our Full group will attend on Saturday.

On sunday some of us will come. Here's the list


(ALL Timeskip)
Zoro: Ryan
Sanji: Heather
Usopp: Sanjay
Nami: Sonja
Chopper: Rishion
Robin: Marissa
Franky: Dean
Brook: Jenn
Jinbei: Gus
Perona: Christine
Kumashi: Daniel
Hodi Jones: Ray
Shirahoshi: Nami ( Maybe if she goes)

Me as TS Nami
Hedemi as TS Robin
Dustin as Rehab Sanji
(that's as far as we know)

#6 Ichnob-kun on 9 years ago

You're like a mini gathering on your own. Haha.

#7 Shichikou on 9 years ago

HAhahah!!!!! the more the merrier! XD

#8 Eliteslayer on 9 years ago

I'd be good for Saturday, I think; probably best to figure out what other gatherings there will be before sorting out times. Either way, I'm hoping to make it as time skip Luffy. Last year's gathering was my first time missing this gathering, so I'm aiming to make up for lost time.

#9 Shichikou on 9 years ago

Well. speaking of time. I prefer earlier the better for lighting purposes as well as everyone looking awesome before all the heat melt off all the make up and so on. AHhah

#10 Ichnob-kun on 9 years ago

Yeah, if Saturday, I'd love to aim for closer to noonish. This way I'll have enough time for masquerade rehearsal *crosses fingers*

#11 Shichikou on 9 years ago

12 or 1 Pm sounds great~ that way everyone can have time to get ready for those who party hard or sleep in

#12 Ichnob-kun on 9 years ago

Hope everyone was able to get their hotel rooms today!

#13 Eliteslayer on 9 years ago

I got mine. And it looks like the Pokemon gathering will be Saturday at 11, so I cast my vote for 1 for One Piece if we do Saturday.

EDIT: Scratch that, the Marvel/DC gathering is aiming for that time slot, so I have to change my vote to Sunday.

#14 toddx77 on 9 years ago

Put me down for Luffy. I dont know if I'll be Luffy or time skip Luffy but I will be Luffy and for now Im free to attend any day the gathering is.

#15 stitchez on 9 years ago

I'll have pre timeskip sanji that I might bring :>

The hetalia gathering is sunday at 11 so I cast my vote for Sat, though 1 on Sunday would be good too since I'd have time to change. Can't wait to see you all!