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#1 Hellangel on 11 years ago

Thanks to all participants of 2009!
Let's make 2010 MORE EPIC!

Main discussion on FanimeForums starts

Main discussion on Cosplay.Com starts

Guest List (+1 Phantomhive, +1 Middleford, +1 Durless, +1 Miscellaneous)
Menu (+bone cookies)

----------The Details----------(LAST UPDATE: 9-Apr-2010)

[u]Day[/u]: Sunday (Non-Masq Day)[url]http://forums.fanime.com/index.php?action=post;msg=295881;topic=11221.0;sesc=1df4efd98ce4a73699dda89d87b2e0ee[/url]
[u]Time[/u]: 4 PM
[u]Location[/u]: TBD

----------The Guests----------(LAST UPDATE: 20-Mar-2010)

Guests in blue are Cosplay.com only-ish members (this list is shared between the two forums).

[b]Phantomhive Household[/b]
[u]Bard[/u] - onigirix's, Yuni's
[u]Ciel[/u] - Chaos-Shadow (art-skull), konataFTW (Smile), KyraEnsui's, Haku_Zoi's, konataFTW, ycysusan2001, Yuni, onigirix, chibi*H A N A T S U K I, bluayu, Hinoto (Detective), PumpkinSpice (trap)
[u]Finian[/u] - banban, onigirix's
[u]Meilin[/u] - artisticpsyco (assassin), Yuni's, banban's, onigirix's
[u]Rachel[/u] - raenef
[u]Sebastian[/u] - Pei, KyraEnsui's, Haku_Zoi, LordMoufMouf, onigirix's, orchestrafro
[u]Tanaka[/u] - onigirix's
[u]Vincent[/u]- Heulangel, chaosbark

[b]Estate of Madam Red[/b]
[u]Grell[/u] - Lady Saru, Enkai's, onigirix's, Drakochan (butler)
[u]Madam Red[/u] - Lady Saru's, KyraEnsui's, Yuni's, Enkai

[b]Middleford Estate[/b]
[u]Elizabeth[/u] - DualTsumi, Haku_Zoi's, cherryteagirl, Mi Feng, onigirix's, electrocute

[b]Circus Company[/b]
[u]Beast[/u] - PHAB JAMS's, tasukigirl
[u]Doll[/u] - Houkiboshi-chan, Azuru
[u]Joker[/u]- Eboni Ninja

[b]Imperial Palace of India[/b]
[u]Prince Soma[/u] - blackROSE17, Death_Note_Matt

[u]Angela[/u] - Vasyenka
[u]Drocell[/u] - ahyoung, Yuni's
[u]Knox[/u] - Clockwork Alice
[u]Lau[/u] - onigirix's, PhantomShadow
[u]Undetaker[/u] - Haku_Zoi's(Shinigami), steinxkid
[u]William[/u] - Requiem, Ely, onigirix's

----------The Menu----------(LAST UPDATE: 9-Apr-2009)

Please comment to contribute.

[b]Tea[/b] - PHAB JAMS(Black Assam)
[b]Sweets[/b] - chaosbark(candy), ahyoung(cake), raenef(cookies)

----------Additionals----------(LAST UPDATE: 5-Mar-2010)

Please comment to contribute.

[i]Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.[/i]

#2 Hellangel on 11 years ago


#3 mlarad on 11 years ago

I may have finish by then my Ciel costume

#4 Hellangel on 11 years ago

yay! *adds*

#5 Hellangel on 11 years ago

guest list updated

#6 dreamingdead13 on 11 years ago

I'll be there can't wait for it ^_^ I'll be ciel and my friend as sebastain - I'll try to bring something

#7 DivineSage on 11 years ago

I'm trying to suppress urges to cosplay the Undertaker. If I lose, I'll come as that. I'm traveling from So Cal, so I can't bring anything perishable, but I could bring some cookies our the like?

#8 Hellangel on 11 years ago

Guest list updated~

Non-food items that are appreciated include:
+Cake Forks
+Tea Spoons

#9 DivineSage on 11 years ago

I'll bring some napkins, and perhaps some plastic cutlery.

#10 Hellangel on 11 years ago

Updates on Guest List and Menu List. Additionals List added~

#11 Hellangel on 11 years ago

guest list and menu updated

#12 ycysusan2001 on 11 years ago

^^ Ill be there as Ciel... not sure which form yet.

#13 Lady Saru on 11 years ago

*cries* I so wish I could go! But seeing as I'm probably going to be doing another (or two) gathering....

Maybe next year?

#14 NichiChan on 11 years ago

Hoppfully if it's done in time, I'll be crossdressing Ceil ^^(geez that ones getting popular lol)

#15 Hellangel on 11 years ago

guest list updated (more souls to eat, mwahahah....)

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