Overweight cosplayers?

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#1 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

I have been mentioning to a few of my friends that cosplay and go to cons that I plan on going to one in the near future and all of them have told me I shouldnt go until I get skinny (xD Im 5'4" and weigh 190 pounds) I was wondering if this is true?
The last thing I want to do is show up and be yelled at for being large I have enough self esteem issues as it is
any feed back would be helpful

#2 MemoriesofYuna on 13 years ago

Theres quiite a few threads like this.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no!

do NOT listen to that! if you want to cosplay then do so and dont let little issues like Wight bring you down. i mean im 5'0-5'1" and i Weight about 115 and even though that's not the most for my tiny little body structure all the fat in my body acumulates in my stomach. i cosplay either way. I also have the crappyest self esteme ever and i will not let anyone tell me i cant cosplay just becuase i am shaped like i am and you shouldnt either. -Aseret Yuna

#3 Bobbi on 13 years ago

Lies! All of it! XD

By no means should you let anyone tell you that you shouldn't cosplay or attend cons because of your weight! You're relatively close to me as far as weight goes, but I weigh a little less. I know of a LOT of people who are gorgeous cosplayers who are bigger. So don't let that stop you at all!

#4 KoreanEyez on 13 years ago

WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! Who cares if you're not skinny?!!!! I'm not skinny myself! If you want to cosplay and go to cons, then go for it! I can't believe someone would tell you not to go to a convention unless you lost weight -_- To me, that's really hurtful. I'd rather be a bit plus-sized than skinny anyway. It gives me more shape muhahahahaha, so anyway the bottom line is, GO TO CONVENTIONS IF YOU WANT TO! NO ONE CAN STOP YOU! OKAY? :D

#5 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

Wow thank you all so much wow
Im feeling a crapload better now :D
Thanks so much Im going to go work on my costume bwhahaha

Thanks again!!

#6 MissLauren on 13 years ago

Yea, thats terrible that your own friends would say that.

Please slap them in the face, Bam Margera style, for me.

#7 wulfmune on 13 years ago

i don't know why your friend should tell you not to. really cosplay is all about fun. lots of people cosplay regardless of age, height, gender, ect... why should weight be an issue?

#8 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

Bam rocks!! XD will do

#9 RipTheVirus on 13 years ago

Aaaaaaaww!! I'd of slap those friends of mine so hard if they told me that! XD
I agree with everyone else. n_n= My bigger friends are adorable when they cosplay. :heart: Oy! I hope those friends of yours were joking. >.>;

#10 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

No they werent they always say stuff like that
skinny b*tches

#11 Eleryth on 13 years ago

#12 RipTheVirus on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=DarkDragonfly]No they werent they always say stuff like that
skinny b*tches[/QUOTE]

ooooph, ouch! x.x Geez, that's so mean of them... o__o don't listen to them. Listen to us XD we know better!

#13 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

Thanks so much for all the nice words Its helped alot

#14 Lady Sephiroth on 13 years ago

[QUOTE]No they werent they always say stuff like that
skinny b*tches
[/QUOTE]Maybe those girls are afraid that you will out do them with your sewing abilities! *gets an idea* I know, you should make an kick @ss costume that's better than theirs and prove to them that you can cosplay just as good, or even better, then they can.

#15 DarkDragonfly on 13 years ago

LOL I should try :D