Wear to buy fez

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#1 Angry Badger on 8 years ago

Hope this is in the right place.

I'm looking for a fez for the Eleventh Doctor, but I can't find any where I am at the moment.

Anyone living in Toronto/Kingston know where I could pick one up cheap?

If this is in the wrong place, sorry.

#2 JuiceBoXaniZer on 8 years ago

I would suggest waiting another month or so for Halloween stores to open up. I know that we sold tons of fezzes when I worked at one (though I can't guarantee you quality)

#3 Corunes on 8 years ago

I love the 11th doctor! Anyway, if you don't mind ordering online, here's a link for a $3 fez :)


is that good? :) if you have any Turkish friends, maybe you could ask to borrow one. You could try a party store, and see if they have one, too. Good luck!

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