anyone going for AFA as any Vocaloid characters~? :D

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#1 Yuki neko on 7 years ago

hey~! is anyone going for AFA this Nov and going as any vocaloid characters~? :3:toothy:

#2 katze91 on 7 years ago

me as miku :) probably day 1

#3 shootbird on 7 years ago

gakupo afa day 2 sunday~

#4 Yuki neko on 7 years ago

@Katze: me too :D Which costume will you be wearing~?
@ Shootbird: Gakupo *^* his my fave male character in Vocaloid :D
Will you guys be cosplaying alone or do u have a group~?^^

#5 J0rine on 7 years ago

Rin for Day1&2 ^^"

#6 Yuki neko on 7 years ago

cool~ * O * are u going in a group or cosplaying alone~?^_^