Cyberpunk for men

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#1 Gybson on 7 years ago

Hey guys,
I'm involved in a cyberpunk sideshow for Matsuricon and I was looking for suggestions on ways to do cyberpunk for men on the cheap. When I think cyberpunk I think EL wire, neon colors, leather, bionic implants and just overall futuristic looking things. I know I could do cosplay easy by buying a motorcycle outfit and fitting up EL wire, but that's WAY too expensive.

Also, I have a shitton of circuit boards laying around. I also have a nintendo power glove I was thinking about wearing along with a HP Jornada 690 strapped to my other arm. [IMG][/IMG]

I just don't want it to be TOO too tacky...

#2 ~BloodCaduceus~ on 7 years ago

Using too much of the circuit board WILL look tacky, BUT you can make bracelets, a choker, earrings if you have pierced ears, ect. will work wonderfully! Having the circuit boarding as an accessory rather then as the main part of the outfit will add a nice effect

#3 ElleZee on 7 years ago

Here are some links for ideas :

See this thread, my reply specifically. I reference several movies worth watching for ideas.

#4 KitoCosplay on 7 years ago

^Yes! I love Cryoflesh!

#5 924man on 7 years ago

if you want to do something cheep use p.v.c. plastic vinyl cloth and paint on circuit broad and use a nokia 770 on a wrist band

#6 kirbykirb on 6 years ago

Uh, a Hp Jorana would be completely the opposite of futuristic and more or less like you're from the past.

Stick an iphone on your arm, that'd show everyone how futuristic you are. :D

You could do a period cyberpunk, e.g. 90's. Get some RJ 11 (Phone line/POTS), 56k external modems and drag around a crt monitor. It''d be hip, cool and no one else I know has done it before.

#7 Neelh on 6 years ago

I'd say look at Four Leaf Clothing. They have lots of punk that could be modified, but they're a bit pricy... Very pricey...

#8 johnwik on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=ElleZee;4119258]Here are some links for ideas :

See this thread, my reply specifically. I reference several movies worth watching for ideas.[/QUOTE]

Both are Nice. But I usually use this site [url][/url] :angel::angel: