"Brainy specs"?

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#1 TR Rose on 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find the glasses that the 10th Doctor wears? AKA the "brainy specs" - the black-framed glasses.



#2 Eliteslayer on 8 years ago

I managed to find my pair at a thrift store, then I just popped the lenses out and they work fine. Or if you can afford to spend a bit more on the glasses, check the reading glasses at basically any drug store or Safeway.

#3 ten_again on 8 years ago

It depends on if you actually wear glasses, or just want them with clear lenses, and how much you are willing to spend. As I wear glasses myself, I have bought several Ten inspired spectacles over the years and I have found that at the opticians, Ten style specs are usually at the low end of the price range.


Still not the cheapest, but the best way to go.

One thing you can best avoid though is going for black spectacles. The ones used on the show (there were different models) were always brown. Black ones are going to look far too dark.

The other thing you should avoid is wearing glasses with a prescription other than your own. At best these will give you quite a headache.

If you just want clear lensed ones, you can usually find them at your local jokeshop, but these do usually tend to be black though.

#4 DarkBaroness on 8 years ago

We've found a few, mainly just looking around. Over at the Coastal Contacts website, I actually found a decent pair that I could put my own prescription into - and got them for the cost of shipping during a promotion! :D

#5 Yazoo_the_Kazoo on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=TR Rose;4094851]Does anyone know where I can find the glasses that the 10th Doctor wears? AKA the "brainy specs" - the black-framed glasses.



Little known fact, those glasses are in fact not merely black, but horn colored.
However, horn glasses are hard to find. So I just use dark and minimally mottled tortoise-shell.
The ones in my avatar I picked up at a run of the mill Dollar General.
Now, the ones I wear that I actually need to see, those are designer frames that I got because my insurance paid for them. Got them at my eye doctor's.

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