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#1 JayceeCosplay on 8 years ago

I love cosplaying but I don't have anyone to cosplay with D: [ Sad but true ]
All my friends are not into anime and such. Looking for friends because it'd be amazing to have a friend for once who loves cosplay as much as I do and maybe we could cosplay together some time :DD

#2 seohyun on 8 years ago

(: hiyeee~ seem you wrote here while ago >< hu maybe too late

#3 JayceeCosplay on 8 years ago

Hi :D Not it's not too late xD :3

#4 tabbykat on 8 years ago

Hey there Jaycee,

did you get my last PM to you? Are you going to the March events?

#5 Viola yuzuki on 7 years ago

Me! :D same here..Almost all of my friends are not interested too :( btw, r u going to STGCC tis 20th n 21st of august?

#6 Garuda_Aiacos on 7 years ago

Just pop by at STGCC and you will make friends there ;)

#7 Viola yuzuki on 7 years ago

Will there be many cosplayers going to STGCC? :) and is it easy to make frens with them~? bcos I know overseas it's very easy to make frens with them^^