strange doctor who cosplay moments

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#1 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

what are some of your stranges or funnies moments with doctor who based cosplay

1. a gold dalek showed up at a steampunk convention. then later the owner used its speakers to play music in a room offering samples of a local beer. stranges thing was hearing I Think We're Alone Now, Don't Fear the Reaper, and Bad to the Bone coming from a dalek.

2. while wearing my 2nd doctor outfit and carring a small tardis I had someone ask If I was dressed as the newest doctor.

#2 Lucifer on 8 years ago

At Gallifrey (both 2010 and 2009), someone made a replica of the RTD era Dalek. It would go riding around randomly, and respond accordingly. The two best moments:

- 2009: A little child was wearing the Supreme Dalek costume, and walked up to the Dalek. The Dalek then responded "Acknowledge presense of Supreme Dalek. Awaiting further orders." The child just stood there in awe. A Ten cosplayer then made a crack at the Dalek looking like a pepper pot, and the Dalek responded "Like I haven't heard that one before."

- 2010: The same Dalek roamed the hallways with a badge clipped to its eye-stalk, indicating it as "Convention Complaint Department." It'd often stop, then state "Does anyone have any complaints?", then look around, and state "I thought not." And keep going.

#3 GraelynRose on 8 years ago

Haha! That Dalek sounds awesome!

#4 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

this dalek was fully acuate all the joints could be moved.
so at teslacon the kid driving it would suprise people he. would just sit still in the hall way people would come up take a look then he would move scaring the crap out of poepl. he would role towards them, bump them with the plunger, or turn the eye to look at them

#5 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 8 years ago

I think it's the same dalek we are conversion about. I gets around, it made an apprence at FanExpo this year.


Yes I took a photo with it.

#6 Yazoo_the_Kazoo on 8 years ago

I have a plethora of them, and I could go on and on and on, but I won't bore you.

Okay, maybe I'll bore you just a little. Err.. let's see, what's a good one.

Anyone who has been to a central Texas con where Airship Isabella was in attendance probably is familiar with the Steam Hatter. For those who don't know, he's a ridiculously amazing and in character Steampunk version of the Mad Hatter from the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. Anyways, he's very good at acting crazy and very good at saying hilarious things (there is a Doctor Who related point, I swear).

We were doing a Doctor Who walk on at San Japan, me as Ten, and two of my friends as Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler. In the holding room after we had done our walk, I got separated from Jack and Rose.
The Hatter comes up to me, giggling like a lunatic, and says "Oh, are you looking for the Face of Boe? Wait, I wasn't supposed to tell you that! Hee hee!"
When I finally found the other two they told me they had each had separate occasion where the Hatter had dropped some little Doctor Who reference to them as well.
Then later, my Jack apparently dropped and lost his banana (I know! Good source of potassium, I told him!). Rose was looking for it, somewhat frantically because they were about to close the room in order to setup for a different event. The Hatter came up to her and said "Oh, hello again Rose! What are you looking for?" to which she replied rather hysterically "A BANANA!"

Later that night, when the cosplayer had changed out of his costume and was no longer in character, he found us and told us how cool he thought we were and how he had been wanting to say something, and how badly he wanted to break character, and how funny he thought it was that Rose was looking for a banana. We all couldn't stop laughing.

Well, that's all I've got for now, I have more, but my brain is having a train wreck at the moment.

#7 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

no same color different dalek this one was built out of washing machine. the guys wife told me a few years ago she asked her husban an engineer to look at her washing machine he then said this thing could be a dalek. he trashed it and start to weld it into a dalek and she got a new machine


#8 Lucifer on 8 years ago

Another funny moment was at Dragon*con 2010, when all the Eleven's and Amy's took their fez and stacked them ALL ontop of one another...ontop of the First Doctor's head.

His expression was priceless.

#9 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

I've had some fun at photo shoots the photos below are some of my funny shots form one shoot

me as gas mask zombie and everyone else form the shoot running

this one we strangled the 4th doctor with a tug of war

#10 Fennius on 8 years ago

At Time War 2010, one of the Daleks was wearing a Fez and a bowtie. :D

#11 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Fennius;3694484]At Time War 2010, one of the Daleks was wearing a Fez and a bowtie. :D[/QUOTE]

thats simple but epic the "Doctor Dalek"

#12 kenshin-chan64 on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Lucifer;3693284]At Gallifrey (both 2010 and 2009), someone made a replica of the RTD era Dalek.[/QUOTE]

I remember that guy at '10 :D In a room we were having the gatherings at, he had the gall to exterminate me while I was wearing a mini skirt XD Though he was talking to some of the other people, I was the first he exterminated, so of course the whole room was looking at me and expecting me to die. But I couldnt let my fans down :P (I kid myself). Dont worry, I was wearing a blocker under the skirt so no one could get a 'sruprise', but my ungraceful fall to the ground was probably amusing to the others XD

Gotta say though, I had a funny moment at the same con: Some kids were hanging in the front hall near the end of the day, and started to hit the ground in a four beat pattern. A few other people joined in as did my friends and I on my lunch pail (we just finished dinner and were making our last rounds). We rounded the corner while pounding and scared the bageezes out of a poor girl dressed as the Master XD The pounding from all of us was rather loud and came out of nowhere...I hate to say it though, but her face was priceless XD

EDIT: Oops, I forgot! :D Same con, same Dalek, but with a group of dolled up girls around him. We were sharing the first floor with some sorority shindig, and some curious girls were walking around the halls and the Dalek's handler was able to persuade them to get in for a picture. Wish I had a copy of this pimp Dalek XD

#13 paper cosplay on 8 years ago

I love seeing doctors actings off each other.

#14 vampricyoda on 8 years ago

I was The 11th. I offered a 4th I saw a Jelly Baby. He got "upset" about stealing his gimmick and started ranting that I was going to take his scarf next.

#15 tereshkova2001 on 8 years ago

I have had three or four people come running up to my Tenth Doctor for hugs. Some of them asked first, some just ran straight at me with their arms out. :D