Does anybody else start laughing when they see a tall Ed?

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#1 Yet Another on 7 years ago

I saw one and didn't stop for ten minutes. It's nothing against the cosplayer, as they're always super good, but just...the height.

#2 kuroki-neko on 7 years ago

no at aki con 2011 or 2010 i was roy mustang and there was a tall edward i think i have a pic in my gallery.

#3 animenerd93 on 7 years ago

I find it funny but it's also kinda cool to me. I was displaying lust, saw a. Ed from a far n yelled shrimp, turns out the cosplayer is taller than me even in heels so he came up n was like lust don't u know I drank my milk. Turned a funny situation fem funnier

#4 BeanAlchemist on 7 years ago

I just find it very awkward being 4'10 and looking up at all the other Eds I encounter.

#5 tntent on 7 years ago

kinda judgmental don't you think? outta be ashamed, bad enough folks look at cosplayers as freaks in normal society now i read this...

#6 KuruttaKanashii on 7 years ago

No, not really; it's just that Ed is supposed to be short, it's very much a part of his character. But then again, I'm a short person who's cosplayed tall people, so the reverse should be all right too. Where do you stop? Personally, I think if you can have a blue-eyed Ed because they couldn't afford gold contacts, you can have a tall Ed because they didn't want height reduction surgery. I'd still mess with a tall Ed, though, just because it's funny.

#7 StarcraftGhost on 7 years ago

Luckily I'm tallish (5'9") myself, so most Ed's I see are shorter than myself

#8 dizzymonochrome on 7 years ago

I always find it a little chuckle worthy. But it can work if there's an even taller Col Mustang around!

I also find it really cute/funny when there's a kid as a short Ed. There was a funny pair I saw once that was a young girl (looked around 12) as Ed, and her dad was Major Armstrong. Blond curl on the forehead and everything. Gave me giggles for a full minute.

#9 Kokoro Hane on 6 years ago

I've seen Ed cosplayers taller than me. I think as long as they look good as that character, it shouldn't matter. And besides, I remember a scene where he was imagining himself taller, could always roll with that XD!!

#10 Blair M.Lozano on 6 years ago

If you really love cosplay, just be confident to cos the character. Practice and play...
As for the height, the age and the costume, it is not the key. Do you agree with me?

#11 Masenkohuh on 5 years ago

It makes me giggle a little. I'm currently helping my cousin with her Ed costume. She's 5'4" (Ed's height) so I think she's going to pull it off well I think. I get the joy of following her around all day calling her pipsqueak (I'm going as Envy to the same Con) :D

#12 Dark_Chocolate1 on 5 years ago

Tall Edward cosplayers dont really crack me up or bug me. Whatbugs me is whenever there is a tall Ciel(from black butler) cosplayer with big heels. I wear a slight heel when I cosplay him, but Im 4`9. Whenever I do a Ciel cosplay(only one Ive done so far), I always get a lot of comments about me being the most adorable, and the only cosplayer his height. Im gonna do a Edward cosplay soon(just need the jacket, I have everything else from other things) Im looking foward to getting to freak out everytime someone says Im short(Eventhough I also get to as Ciel Phantomhive)

#13 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

[QUOTE]kinda judgmental don't you think? outta be ashamed, bad enough folks look at cosplayers as freaks in normal society now i read this...[/QUOTE]

Dude, Get the joke.
And it happens, that's kind of funny. You know what else struck me was a bold hinata.

#14 Dark_Chocolate1 on 5 years ago

All the Ed's are taller than me. I'm shorter than Ciel Phantomhive even(who is 4'10.). I still like shouting shrimp at every Ed cosplayer I see.

#15 codenamealice on 5 years ago

I AM a tall Ed cosplayer (5'10") and I crack myself up. At Katsu I'll be wearing a sign on my back that says "I drank my milk", and I'll have a 5'2" Mustang with me, so it'll be opposite world from one of Ed's fantasies or something.
Besides height I look a lot like him, I use my own hair and bangs and everything.
Just as we shouldn't judge people's cosplays based on their weight or gender or race, height shouldn't matter either, since it's a thing we can't change about ourselves. This said, I do appreciate the comedy that I am cosplaying a character a foot shorter than me xD