Tokyo Area Cosplay Store Guide

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#1 Tsumanne on 6 years ago

#2 mixaka on 6 years ago

Thanks for the guide! Gonna need to check a few of these places out!

#3 -Edo- on 6 years ago

Nice Tsumanne!

#4 johantwo on 6 years ago

wow! thanks for the info. yay!

#5 Hikaru_Claire on 6 years ago

Tsumanne, wonderful~ I wonder if you know of any clubs/open groups/organizations that help people make their own cosplay? Like a sewing association or something? Is there any links on Mixi?

#6 Tsumanne on 6 years ago

I've never actually used mixi and I'm about to ditch facebook lol. I usually just to stick to Cure, but that doesn't really facilitate groups and such.

CelestialShadow might know of some though. She lives in Tokyo and makes all of her costumes 100% from scratch. She does an amazing job and takes commissions too. She'd know the best fabric and supply stores in the area.

For armor and heavy duty props get with Goldy. He holds classes at a workshop in Akihabara. Goldy is one of the top armor/mech cosplayers in the country. Couldn't ask for a better teacher.
[URL=""]Goldy's Webpage[/URL]

#7 Ebrithil on 5 years ago

Are there any shops in Akihabara that cater either specifically to or atleast carry a wide array of male cosplay items. I went to Akihabara once and walked around a little and it seemed most the shops were all female oriented. Any help would be amazing.

#8 Tsumanne on 5 years ago

About 75% of all cosplayers are women so stores cater to that demographic. Cospa and ACOS usually carry a reasonable amount of male costumes and Jupiter has a few racks of male costumes (you just might have to search for them).

ACOS in Ikebukuro usually has a large selection of men's costumes on hand. Also, check Cospa and Acos's catalogs. They might have the male costume you are looking for, just not on display at the store.

Edit: Oh and check out K-Books Ikebukuro. They carry a lot of male costumes on hand now that I think about it.

#9 thiago_ar on 5 years ago

Thank you very much for the information Tsumanne!!!
I'm sure this topic will help a lot of people...
I just have one question... Would you happen to know if any of these places or if there is any other that sells super sentai/ power rangers costumes?
I have a friend who is in Japan and she will try to bring one for me but unfortunately she doesn't have a clue where to find it...
I thank you in advance.

#10 Tsumanne on 5 years ago

Sadly none of the stores I'm familiar with sell Super Sentai costumes. I double checked a few online catalogs to be sure. But, I would still recommend scoping out some of the Mandarake stores. I've seen quite a bit of Super Sentai/Kamen Rider accessories and such at Mandarake stores before.

I know I've seen Sentai costumes for sale on Milanoo,,, and stores. Might be able to get international shipping. Milanoo is definitely international.

Actually, Tenshi0080 does Sentai cosplay. Check with him. He lives near Tokyo and might have some suggestions.

#11 thiago_ar on 5 years ago

Thank you very much for the information Tsumanne!!
I messaged Tenshi0080 and I'll wait for his reply...
In the mean time I'll ask my friend to look in the Mandarake store.
Once again thanks for the great help!!!

#12 Tenshi0080 on 5 years ago

Thiago I will reply, and I went Acos in Ikebukuro and the male selection is actually small and horrible.....

#13 Tsumanne on 5 years ago

I was at ACOS Ikebukuro three days ago (it has moved to floors 1-3 of the old Otome Road Animate) and about 1/3 of the costumes were male. The male costumes on the racks were in women's sizes, but men's sizes were available. You just have to ask. There are two picture catalogs sitting out on the 2nd floor full of costume sizing information and show costumes that are available, but not on display. Even most female character costumes were available in men's sizes.

Just when 75% of all cosplayers are women and about 90% of all cosplay store costumers are women you predominantly get women's sizes on display regardless of character gender. Cospatio (the expensive place, go figure) is about the only place that regularly carries men's sizes on floor display and even there I've had to have them request stuff in from other stores.

I need to go through and recheck all the store status's and check out a new store before updating the list anyway (like how ACOS Ikebukuro moved). I'll pay close attention to male/female size ratio when I do my checks and note those stores that have a higher number of men's sizes out on display.

#14 newcosplayer1 on 5 years ago

Which cosplay stores in Japan has crossplay/trap/josobu/crossdressing outfits including underwear?
Do they take free measurements and make proper adjustments to fit?
Which store staff can speak and understand English? If not, is there an app on smart phone or tablet that can dual translate including scanned documents/cards and take pics on signs?

Which store(s) in Japan does makeup say boy to girl?

Which store(s) can ship to US? Is there a measurement chart for guys and gals (in & cm)?

I am able to fit in US girl size 16 and my US shoe size is 10.5. What are the measurements (in & cm) for skirt, shoulder length & width, chest/bust, hips, waist, neck, hands/gloves, leg length/tights/stocking?

#15 Tsumanne on 5 years ago

Cospatio and ACOS offer most women's costumes in men's sizing. Underwear sold separately.

Cospatio, Candy1, and Cosmint take custom orders, but I don't recommend it. Custom stuff is incredibly expensive. Getting with a cosplayer that does commissions is your best bet.

They speak whatever they remember from high school... So little to none. There are apps, I've just never used them. I live in the stone ages with my trusty 8 year old flip phone.

As for which store(s) can ship to US... None. For sale in Japan only. Use Google. China and the Philippines are your friend.

For measurements I just Google a size chart or use a tape measure. You can also go to an alterations store with a form and have them measure you in metric.

For shoes, I wear a US 10.5 and usually fit a Japanese 28.5 or 29 depending on the brand. Your life finding shoes in Japan will be an adventure, most sizes stop at 27.5 even in major shoe chains.