Tall Ed and Short Hawk eye?

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#1 X<3nobody on 7 years ago

My friend and I wanted to cosplay Fullmetal Alchemist, but I would be doing Ed and She wants to do Hawk eye. She a good head shorter then me, so would that be weird? A tall Edward and a short hawkeye?! What do you guys think?

#2 Mehdia on 7 years ago

It's totally okay to do. Just find poses where you can hide the height, like maybe have her kneeling down aiming her gun or something. Just please don't have her wear platform boots...that always throws off good FMA cosplay I've seen in the past. Not to mention it won't make her THAT much taller than you like Riza is over Ed.

#3 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

I agree 100% with Mehdia, height should never stop you from cosplaying the character you like. I like creative posing to fix heights, but think that platform boots can really take away from it. Another thing to remember is that by the end of the series (Brotherhood/manga, at least), he's actually as tall or a little taller than Hawkeye, so it's not even non-canon to have a taller Ed!

#4 Mehdia on 7 years ago

You know, I didn't even think about how much Ed grew throughout the series...you made a very good point (all this FMA talk between here and with my brother make me want to go read the series AGAIN).

#5 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

I only remembered because they have a scene or two in the anime where they specifically pointed it out as he stood next to someone else ^_^ (and I feel you, I want to both read and re-watch it now).

#6 Mehdia on 7 years ago

I haven't watched all of Brotherhood, but I've read the entire manga twice. It's one of my absolute favorites ever. I'm trying to organize my friends into a FMA cosplay group...mostly as a way to get my brother and his wife to cosplay Mustang and Hawkeye (because they would be so cute as them...and my brother would be an awesome Mustang). I would be Hawkeye, but I don't wanna cosplay her if my brother is Mustang. So I'm thinking of being Ed...even though one of my other brothers' girlfriends wants to be Winry. Sorry little brother, I'm gonna have to steal your woman for a little while^^

#7 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

I could only make it about to when Ling showed up in the manga, and then I kept getting really confused at the way those particular battles were drawn. I really want to go back and finish it, but a friend of mine who's read the manga and seen Brotherhood says they're incredibly faithful this time around.

My brother joined our FMA group, and we had to auto-veto Mustang for him for the same reason you did (Hawkeye is my favorite, and I make the costumes). ^_^ Luckily, he wanted to cosplay Scar or Armstrong and settled on Scar. Shaved and bleached his hair and everything.

I wanted to be Ed, but I love rifles and military uniforms, and we had a girl who was exactly short-Ed's height, which really was too good to pass up.

#8 Mehdia on 7 years ago

The fights could get a little muddled at times, but I loved it so much. What little I saw of Brotherhood was extremely faithful, so that made me happy.

I make the costumes for our group, but I just can't pass up on letting my brother be Mustang if we ever do it. He's got naturally black hair that he sometimes cuts like Mustang's (he also randomly grows it out long, so he's a bit up and down with the hair) so it would be perfect. And he's built a lot like Mustang, he's taller, not too thin, and a bit athletic. So I will sacrifice Hawkeye to let him be Mustang...and I want automail, so I will be happy to be Ed some day.

#9 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

You're a nicer sister than I am, though I can see how he'd be a perfect Mustang. I'd love to see pictures when this happens!

And I hear you about the automail. I wanted some so much that I'm going through and making a second one, practicing my technique and making a tutorial... and getting an awesome automail arm (what I will wear it for, I haven't the faintest idea).

#10 Mehdia on 7 years ago

Yeah, knowing my brother could pull off Mustang perfectly has made me be nice for once^^ I wish I had a picture of him without all the styling, but this is my [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2445221/"]older brother[/URL] (he was cosplaying Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes). My [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2926699/"]youngest brother[/URL] we have all decided should be Hughes if we do the group because he could totally do it and already wears the perfect glasses for him (old picture from several years ago, but he looks the same pretty much, except far more matured). I love getting my family and friends in on cosplay^^

But I totally want to learn to make the automail. I know my three brothers could figure it out since they are awesome at building stuff anyway. I will have to pester them in the near future^^

#11 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

They'll be perfect! They really have perfect features for those characters (our Mustang was just a bit on the skinny side). Most of my family won't cosplay. I could get my little sister in on it if I wanted to and she was on this coast, but she's a tad bit hipster about the whole thing. One parent crafts and the other sews, so they both love to help when I get stuck, but won't actually cosplay. My other sister... we don't really get along. My little brother is the only one who'll cosplay with me, but he goes all out for it, which is awesome.

And I had about no idea how to make automail. I played around with craft foam and heat forming and unconventional sealing techniques (no method I read about gave it the hard, glossy shell I wanted), and in the end it actually worked. Except for my glue choice, but I know where that went wrong and what to use next time. ^_^

#12 Mehdia on 7 years ago

I love having family cosplay with me. It makes it even more fun I think. The only sibling I have that won't is my older sister, but she's just not into this kind of stuff...so I warp her kids into cosplaying (which both of them have!)

Your automail looks great in the pictures! If you ever redo it, I can imagine it will only get better!

#13 harmonyisarine on 7 years ago

Thank you! I'll be using better glue this time around, and doing a bit more weathering/detailing since I won't be in a time crunch. It was silly easy once I figured out the shapes, and it's even just a bit flexible, which is good for movement. Also, it breaks down into three parts, and the hand is ridiculously fun to play with.

Family does make cosplay better. From some stories I've heard, I'm just glad all but one of my family supports me, even if most of them would never do it (though my dad did just ask for a long duster in the style of 10th doctor or Captain Mal, so maybe...)

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