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#1 YURIKO TIGER on 5 years ago

I recently received a request(deviant art: ''erbetto'') for Video-Interview on Skype
from those who say they'' Vanessa'' Staff
has also contact you? Who are they?

(Sorry my bad english XD but i'm italian).

Thank you!

#2 Sweet_Angel on 5 years ago

erbetto contacted me too, but i don't understood why he asks to me to do this interview by a DA message and not from this site :(

#3 ichigo_m. on 5 years ago

I wouldn't trust it. They can contact you here. It's weird to have them ask from somewhere else.

#4 Admin on 5 years ago

He has nothing to do with our website. I've already contacted dA, if you received a PM from him there please report it to dA as well.

I also posted a message on his wall stating he has no affiliation with, and he immediately deleted the message and blocked me. :)

#5 Lyhra on 5 years ago

I just did one with them, and right after I found this link...
It took about 40 mins, in which my webcam was on, but no sound of video from their side.
They asked regular cosplay questions and ended with a quiz about your character. In which if you answer wrong, you take 1 accessorie off, which in the end you can end up being half naked in front of your computer.
They said they would send a final version of the video and ask for permission wether to put it online or not.
She told me her website with interviews will be online around mid januari.

After doing this interview I realise how stupid I was just to accept it without asking any more information/questions. This is the internet after all.
I told the person to delete all we recorded and to not put even 1 second online.
She appologized immeadiatly and told me nothing would be put online.
If anyone else gets contacted, deny the interview no matter what!!

#6 Lyhra on 5 years ago

I showed the person this thread and she immeadiatly understood my worries.
Though this is the internet after all, and you never know who you had at the other side of the screen.

I just hope this all ends well, it sure is a lesson for the future...

#7 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

I heard about this. He is using the logo and trying to contact cosplayers for interviews. He is certainly NOT legit.

#8 IchiBLEACHcake on 5 years ago

Oh my god, are you serious?
I just did an interview with this exact person and though it was reaaally strange that they did a quiz at the end where you have to take off 'accessories'. I didn't do anything inappropriate, but I feel humiliated for being tricked like this.

#9 Admin on 5 years ago

Please report the user to DeviantArt if you are receiving these messages there.

#10 IchiBLEACHcake on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Admin;4569528]Please report the user to DeviantArt if you are receiving these messages there.[/QUOTE]

I have reported him, but I'm skeptical anything will be done on DA. He's been reported several time with no results.

#11 Admin on 5 years ago

The more people who report it, the more it's brought to their attention. I've already contacted them directly as well.

#12 IchiBLEACHcake on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Admin;4569546]The more people who report it, the more it's brought to their attention. I've already contacted them directly as well.[/QUOTE]

I just received a response to my abuse ticket to them and they have deactivated his account =)

#13 MomoKurumi on 5 years ago

I'm super naive, why didn't I think to Google this first? I shall report this as well :< It's one thing to ask for an interview, but to pose as someone you're not is basically illegal, is it not? I don't know. It's sketchy, and completely inappropriate. It's also bad for Cosplay.Com's reputation...

#14 Admin on 5 years ago

DeviantArt has already contacted us and said that they have deactivated the user's account as of yesterday morning.

However, if you are getting the request on any other services, please let us know where it is happening (account name, link to their page, etc) and report them there as well.

#15 Admin on 5 years ago

If anyone can send me a screenshot of a Skype conversation with this person while they were impersonating us, it would be much appreciated. You can PM me and I'll give you the email to send it to.

Doesn't need to be an entire chat log, just something showing that you were talking to them via Skype under the assumption they were us - especially any part if they are saying it's for in the Skype chat window. Thanks.