MegaCon 2013 Videos

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#1 WhateverFriday on 7 years ago

Hey all -

I'm new to the site but spent some time interviewing folks at MegaCon a couple weeks ago and wanted to share my videos! Please share your feedback and ideas as I'd like to start visiting more cons and making more videos. I was even thinking it could be fun to do 1:1 features with those who are debuting costumes for the first time at shows, tutorials on popular costumes and props, etc.

[URL=""]MegaCon 2013: Cosplay, Dancing and Nerdy Fun![/URL]

[URL=""]Sexy Supervillains at the MegaCon 2013 *Villainy* After Party[/URL]

It's all about celebrating cosplay and having fun! Looking forward to everyone's thoughts.