First Time Cosplay!

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#1 Phantom Leader on 5 years ago

Hello everyone! I'm trying to think of ideas for a costume to make for my first convention. Right now I'm thinking about doing the Great Saiyaman (white bandanna) because it's a relativity simple design with not much detail; and gives me an excuse to act like a fool! Other ideas I'm bouncing around are Terry McGinnis (from batman beyond, him in civilian cloths) or The Doctor (Matt Smith). I love all these characters, so its a hard choice!

Note: I'm 6'4" so Krillin is out the picture.

What do you think suits me the best / Who do I look like? I'm also open to any other costume ideas!




#2 KitsuneNoKoibi on 5 years ago

I think you might make a good Goku, personally

#3 Hallowin on 5 years ago

Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters

#4 Sayoria on 5 years ago

Piccolo. Really.

#5 Naiagu on 5 years ago

My votes on Goku or Saiyaman, I think you'd do well as either.

#6 LluviaSarcasm on 5 years ago

I think you'd look cool as Bane or Jirobo from Naruto. :)

#7 Phantom Leader on 5 years ago

Thanks everyone!

#8 Sayoria on 5 years ago

The whole hat thing in the second picture makes me think Nerima Daikon Bros. You'd need a wig though. :p

#9 Emrys on 5 years ago

All of the above!! If you are attending more than one day you can certainly bring multiple cosplays depending on what you can pull together. The Great Saiyaman would be fun. And it seems like all the Batman Beyond fans are coming out of the woodwork lately so it would be awesome to see a Terry McGinnis (*huge BB fan here*).

Random Thought: Based on you second photo, you could pull off an observer from Fringe rather easily. Just a suit and hat, maybe a briefcase. Though that might be a little freaky to see too, especially if you can do the monotone voice, lol.