Help!!! High-quality faux fur that can be trimmed???

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#1 Dragonsfire867 on 6 years ago

Hi everyone!
I'm looking desperately (and as fast as possible) for a place to buy faux fur from that has really nice quality stuff. I'm thinking 2-3in fur that's thick enough to be trimmed down and not have its mesh showing through. Anyone?:waaaah:

#2 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago

Usually the 2'-3" fur doesn't trim down to a full nap thickness.

The 1" Luxury Shag does trim down nicely.

Call Punky Muppet here and is the same manufacturer.

The Mongolian hair is the next nicest to it but you can't shave it down past 1" as it will show gaps.

#3 Dragonsfire867 on 6 years ago

That's perfect for white fur...I wish that had black fur in stock right now (that's what I need, and with a reasonable price).

#4 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 6 years ago is the same fur. is cheaper as they specialize in bulk order and get stock in randomly. Mendels is only $5 for the same fur per yard.