dieting tips what to eat?

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#1 Boosterman on 6 years ago

I am trying to diet and exercise I got the exercise part down but I need help on what to eat to loose weight I heard that eating small portions over the day. To loose weight so my question is

What are some ideas of what to eat that have work for you?

Will take tips and tricks :D

#2 Kasumi Ogaku on 6 years ago

what I did was eat more fruits and veggies. I also changed my diet and became a vegetarian, but as that doesn't work for everyone, I suggest eating more healthy foods.

#3 Boosterman on 6 years ago

Do u have an amount or something like u eat tgis much at this time?

#4 Kasumi Ogaku on 6 years ago

I started by eating on the same schedule, but instead of eating something like fried chicken, I would eat green beans. It's little things like that. I also exchanged soda for water once a week.

#5 rndmguy on 6 years ago

Eat whatever you want. What matters most is how much you eat. No the timing. Not what you eat. How much.

Figure out your caloric needs, eat in a caloric deficit, you lose weight.

What are some staples in my diet when I'm losing weight?

Ice cream
Peanut Butter

Pretty much the same stuff I eat all the time except less.

#6 Boosterman on 6 years ago

So replace soda for water eat more healthy and watch what I eat alright thanks

#7 ilafatyu on 6 years ago

My diet consists of avocados, tomatoes, steak, bananas, quinoa, roast beef, chicken, cucumbers, carrots, shrimp, raisins, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, more beef, sardines, and everything else I can get a hold of. You'll notice that these are pretty much all 'real' food. There's no soda, no cheese puffs, no potato chips. But not for any super health nut reasons. That stuff just makes me feel blah like no 10-hour shift ever could.

A simple balance of calories might result in weight loss, but you'll probably feel terrible. Just follow common sense and you'll be fine. Don't feel like you can never eat a piece of chocolate again, just don't eat two bars a day. It tastes better in moderation anyway.

#8 Boosterman on 6 years ago

So counting calories right?

#9 ilafatyu on 6 years ago

Sort of. I don't count calories, I just eat what seems right and don't make it into a science. If my body needs protein, I eat meat. It needs fruit, I get some. The numbers mean nothing to me, but if they work for you, go for it.

#10 Arbite on 6 years ago


#11 Boosterman on 6 years ago

Its because also my metabolism is kinda low so if I eat anything for me I will gain weight back so thats why I was trying to try out the portion thing

#12 Boosterman on 6 years ago

Thanks arbite but I dont think I can cook that lol

#13 rndmguy on 6 years ago

Here, I posted this on FB for a friend. It'll explain to you the basics of weight management. You'll notice that counting calories is pretty much the most important thing. The post is too long to post on here so I'll just like it.


#14 Boosterman on 6 years ago

The link doesnt work but counting calories for me I weight 200 lb so what do you think my max calorie count will be?

#15 rndmguy on 6 years ago

I went ahead and changed the permissions, it should work now.