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#1 Shiizuma on 5 years ago

Its been a while since Ive been on a diet. About August I believe. I just started to slip slowly and before I knew it I was back in my old habits and up all the pounds I lost. :/

I know the holidays are tough, but I'm tired of using that as an excuse. I NEED to get this going now or Ill never make it in time for my conventions. (In March, June, and August).

Basically this thread is me looking for a few people who'd like to converse, keep in touch, and/or motivate with me. I feel like I just need a little push to REALLY get serious this new year. I'd love to finally feel right in my cosplays.

I need more friends via myfitnesspal, tumblr, or even cosplay.com. And I could always always use some advice on how to do this. I just wing it every time really. Calorie counting and light exercise is all I know.

Hopefully a few of you can add me and help me really crack down on myself.

mfp: ariav3
tumblr: becomecosplay

Have a wonderful holiday and good luck with your fitness in the new year. :3

#2 Cephas on 5 years ago

If you're determined, setbacks are only temporary.

I gained 5 pounds I lost this week, all from time off in the holidays. Pretty much as soon as I came back home I began seeing signs of losing that weight again since I returned to a regimen of lifting and cardio.

What helps me is completely internalizing fitness as a part of my person. Part of that process is watching videos that support those values. I lost count of how many times I've seen [URL="http://youtu.be/qX9FSZJu448"]this one. [/URL]

Here is the beginning of my project: [url]http://www.cosplay.com/showpost.php?p=4534736&postcount=890[/url]. I don't have any "after" pictures, but I want to hold off on that until I'm below 200 pounds.

#3 Drazhar on 5 years ago

Yeah... Arthur will motivate most anyone.

So will Louie for that matter.

You can keep track of Louie's updates on his Facebook which is open to subscribers: [url]https://www.facebook.com/louie.benson[/url]

He's doing the same thing as Arthur, but started at well over 400 lbs.

#4 Shiizuma on 5 years ago

Wow that video of Arthur was amazing... definitely gave me some real motivation... Thank you Cephas.

#5 improvised on 5 years ago

Hey, we're already friends on MFP! :D I'm improvised on there, too. I need some motivation too, finally got back on after months of slacking, but I hope to dress up as Miku in October, so I really need to get my rear in gear.

#6 Gnosis on 5 years ago

I feel your pain on the whole gaining weight back thing. >.< I used to be so good about eating well and going to the gym but as of late I've gotten kinda really lazy and unmotivated.

Something that seriously helped me was weight watchers. Instead of just counting calories they base points on carbs/fat/protein/fiber and I've found that to be way more effective. Honestly, you don't even have to sign up for the program though. That's way too expensive. On some app stores they have programs that do the same exact thing for, like, $2. iTrackbites is what I'm going to be using.

As for fitness, the elliptical is my friend and I do a lot of weight lifting with less emphasis on weight and more emphasis on reps. I really want that nice butt, flat tummy, and Obama arms. xD

Are there any specific cosplays that you're using as motivation? I'm determined to get fit enough to cosplay Yoko Littner by the end of May.

#7 ChatNoir on 5 years ago

I know it sounds a bit silly, but maybe keep images of the characters you're cosplaying around to remind you to "be good" so to speak. :) I'm thinking about doing that because so far just thinking about being motivated hasn't been enough. -__-;;

#8 improvised on 5 years ago

Chatnoir, that's a really good idea, thanks!

#9 sam vimes on 5 years ago

Is this purpose of this thread to motivate you or to constantly compliment you on your weight loss? I'm confused.

#10 improvised on 5 years ago

^^^ I think she's looking for motivational friends.

#11 Shiizuma on 5 years ago

@improvised : Oh yeah we are :'D I feel weird going back on after being off so long... At least we can motivate each other or something x3 October is pretty far, Im sure you'll be able to meet your goals!!

@Gnosis : Ahaha Obama arms xD Great goal! I will totally check out that app though! And good luck with your Yoko cosplay :D She's awesome.

@ChatNoir : Wonderful idea actually o.o Ill definitely try that!!

@sam vimes : I was looking for some motivation and ideas really... sorry if it came off that way to you.

#12 Cephas on 5 years ago

For motivation, I watch videos. Every. Single. Day. I watch videos I've seen dozens of times, because when you do so, some parts that you saw, but never really paid attention to, finally "click." It is sort of like reading the Bible over and over again every year (note: Medhi Hadim, founder of StrongLifts 5x5 recognizes the logic and usefulness of rereading something you "know"--and he's an atheist).

Whenever I feel down, I watch a video that encourages me.

I devour articles and blog posts about people who went through amazing transformations without drugs or surgery.

Finally, some more recommended videos
Fat to fit transformations--

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Six Rules of Success--

Some random weighlifting video--

Will you die a failure? Or a winner?--

#13 FireInMyEyes on 5 years ago

I will be your friend!
My whole life I've struggled with weight loss. I've done many sports and I'm very active which keeps me from being obese. But I am overweight. And that is something that has stopped me from doing things I love. I am going to Anime Expo2013 in LA and Anime FiveCities in June and August. I refuse to chicken out and not Cosplay. I am going to lose this weight that has been haunting me for years.
For some reason, it is extremely motivating to be motivating for someone else. haha

#14 Shiizuma on 5 years ago

@ Cephas : I love those! o__o Added them all to my fitness playlist on youtube. I think I liked the Arnold Schwarzenegger best actually, he had some awesome things to say! Thanks so much for the videos!! :D Definitely watching them daily.

@ FireInMyEyes : Same for me!! My whole life Ive been overweight, and I really need to lose it now. I feel like it's a now or never kind of deal, since Im getting older and it's only getting harder. >_< I>_<

#15 Sokar on 5 years ago

I like some of Arnold too, but have been looking at a lot of Kai Greene's vids lately. He is very cerebral in his approach to training and is very focused on mind/body connection. He does not let the bad days get to him and he never says the words "I can't." He says "I will." That is what I do. I say to myself I will get out of bed, I will hit the gym, I will succeed. I find myself saying it mentally and sometimes verbally while lifting. That last few reps where its tough. That last 200 meters on a run etc. I will push, I will persevere.