Bleach Cosplay Chess ~ 2010!

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#1 doragon on 10 years ago

Heyhey guys! Welcome to the Bleach Cosplay Chess! 2010 edition ~
I wanted to first thank you all for an awesome 2009 game; it was awesome to see you guys and I hope you all had as much fun as I did :3! As I never know what to write in introductions, let's get onward to the information stuffs ~

[b]location:[/b] Fountains, Marriott side
[b]time:[/b] 9:30, Saturday. Before the Bleach gathering

[b]Hey Guys! Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.[/b]

[b]roster is:[/b] OPEN. GOGOGO!

So, to begin ~ What is Cosplay Chess?
Cosplay Chess is basically like regular chess - to a degree, it usually doesn't take as long - but with human sized pieces dressed as their favorite characters from anime, manga, video games and what have you. We have two players to the side playing on a regular sized chess board, directing where their human counterparts will go and attack the other side.

So what is the Bleach version?
Pretty much the same thing, just with all Bleach players [unless we need pawns on either side which could be anyone]. Its Shinigami versus Arrancar, black versus white ... totally perfectly fitting, don't you think? Further rules and explanations will be in the following post

[u][b]The pieces[/b][/u]

King: Elite [Aizen]
Queen: Aurora [Orihime]
Bishops[1]: kontonchou [Aizen]
Knights: Blue [Tousen], Azreale [Nel]
Pawns[7]: linkluver [Appache], Toshi Riku [Shinji]

King: isshinkun [Isshin]
Queen: Lo-ve [Yoruichi]
Bishops: Kanzake [Uikitake], Deb [Soi Fon]
Knights[1]: DarkLord [Kenpachi]
Rooks: Ryusan [Bankai Histugaya], Chibi [Hitsugaya]
Pawns[2]: Yukari [Zabimaru], Hanahan [Momo], Taka [Ichigo], Shinigami [Kira], Mi Feng [Lisa], DaOutlaw [Shuuhei]

[b]The players[/b]
white: kuroneko
black: kit_kat

[b]Mover/director/announcer[/b]: Me! and kuroneko!

[b]How to Sign Up[/b]
-Please Post the following-
character name:
piece you'd like to have:
[note, you might not get it but we'll take it into consideration]

If you'd like to help out, providing .... anything, just post in the thread. We never know what we'd need. Water? Stuff? Yeah.
My group will be providing the huge chess board [we made a brand new one!], the smaller chess board, prizes [though, feel free to supply some yourselves if you want] and good times.


#2 doragon on 10 years ago

[b]Rules and How this goes down[/b]:

. This is going to be white vs black, Arrancar vs Shinigami. Humans of Karakura town, Vaizards, Bounts and human versions of Zanpakuto shall support the black while Hollows and Quincy will be supporting the white [sorry Ishida, you're wearing white.. you go on the white side .. and besides your kind hate the Shinigami xD]
- Usually the white side dwindles on the reinforcements, in such a case we will have Arrancar be the face pieces and slap hollow holes on innocent bystanders to make them pawns. I may also consider adding Bounts to the white since they were against shinigami, weren't they? I'm not familiar with filler villains so... yeah.

. This is a first come first serve type sign up!

. We're hoping to get this to not only be appropriate colors but also pieces; ie: Captains and High numbered Arrancar being face pieces and Humans, Quincy, Vice Captains and such being pawns. Aizen being King on Arrancar side and Yama-jiji being King on the Shinigami side.

[i]. okay, how we play the game.[/i]
. We have two players sitting to the side playing the game on a regular sized board and then one or two people moving the pieces on the big chess board.

. If you're attacking or dieing, PLEASE BE IN CHARACTER. Its more fun that way.

. Time permitting, we might have players move off the board when two characters are facing off against one another - to have an epic battle and death ~

. With your attacks, please don't actually hurt people or ruin each other's costumes!

. If no check mate is established or time is running out, we will determine the winner either by Sudden Death, which is next color to lose a piece loses .. or who has the most pieces left on the board. If its down to the Kings, they play rock-paper-scissors, best 2 out of 3.

. If you're on the winning team, you get candy!

[b]signing up ~[/b]

[ here I repeat some things]
. Sign up for your appropriate color and also character placing.

. First come first serve!

. If you sign up for a big piece, especially, and you're unsure if you will have the costume finished in time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can refill the position.

. When you sign up, we might be assigning you your piece instead of what you requested, in order to make things fitting and the like.
- it would be nifty if the players on either side were appropriate colors too.
. You can also sign up for back-up pieces and the like, just in case one piece doesn't show up on time.
. if you are a piece a player or a director, please show up early [at least 20 minutes]. If its getting close to game time and you're late.. you're position will be given up. We're sorry about this, but we have a limited time to play and we don't want to hold up the game.
. If the game is finished early [which I really doubt] then we'll see about playing a Round Two, then we'll pretty much have sign ups there, back ups will have priority ~

Piece specifications we thought would be nifty. We're going to kind of hold out on a lot of time to see if we can fill them, but after a while we'll let others fill them.
. Hueco Mundo Orihime go on the white side, other Orihime go on the black side. School versions or shinigami are pawns. We really don't want a lot of repeats.. but if it happens.. it happens.
. Preferred Kings: Aizen [HM version], Yammy, Starrk, Baraggan for the white side. Yama-jiji ... uh, I can't think of anything else for the black.
. Preferred Queens: Gin [HM version] and Orihime [HM version] for white, Unohana or Soi Fong for black.
. We don't have ideal people for the other pieces but we want Captains and Numbers to be the Bishops, Rooks and Knights. Sorry Ichigos and Renjis.. you're pawns xD;

Okay, I think that's enough of rules. Let's get onto other stuff. If you're confused about anything, please feel free to ask us in-thread or PM either myself or kuroneko. If you'd like to help with anything, feel free to sign up :D We like help.

We will also be posting our telephone numbers closer to the con date so everyone will have a chance to get in contact with us.

#3 kuroneko on 10 years ago

"Mover/director/announcer: Me! and kuroneko [unless I force her to play]"

Hey now, that's not fair D: pfft, force me to play.. that's what your sister is for XP

#4 Shinigami_Lover on 10 years ago

opps.... sorry

#5 Eliteslayer on 10 years ago

Ah, awesome, I look forward to this year's game; had fun with it last year. Are sign-ups open yet? I ask because the Roster is currently closed, so I want to make sure before I post it. Fortunately, I actually have a Hueco Mundo Aizen costume this year all ready to go.

#6 doragon on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=kuroneko;3301067]"Mover/director/announcer: Me! and kuroneko [unless I force her to play]"

Hey now, that's not fair D: pfft, force me to play.. that's what your sister is for XP[/QUOTE]
finefine, I won't force you to play xD

no Elite, sign ups aren't open yet. I'll probably have them open on Monday.

#7 Wren on 10 years ago

Rabble rabble rabble, just reserving my spot =p, hi Doragon

#8 ryuyasha3 on 10 years ago

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to sign up.

#9 ryuyasha3 on 10 years ago

btw, for queens on the White/Arrancar side...shouldnt it be Haribel? Since shes a highranked woman arrancar, not a hostage or a man xD

#10 Eliteslayer on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=doragon;3301133]no Elite, sign ups aren't open yet. I'll probably have them open on Monday.[/QUOTE]

Alrighty, glad I asked, then. Still looking forward to this!

And on the note of ryuyasha's comment about the queen, I think between all the women in Hueco Mundo, it's obvious who the biggest queen is: Charlotte Coolhorne.

#11 doragon on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=ryuyasha3;3301197]btw, for queens on the White/Arrancar side...shouldnt it be Haribel? Since shes a highranked woman arrancar, not a hostage or a man xD[/QUOTE]
I was considering her, I might add her to the list since she is #3 ... I always thought Gin was an amusing Queen idea and such so thats why he's stuck there.

Elite.... I like your thinking, if we have one coming then oh yes, he might just be Queen ~

#12 KittyCatChi on 10 years ago

uhh holding a spot? ^.^;

#13 doragon on 10 years ago

Kitty, Roster isn't open yet >>

#14 KittyCatChi on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=doragon;3301318]Kitty, Roster isn't open yet >>[/QUOTE]

oh oopps my bad =x I saw your announcement and someone post already so I thought it was ^.^;

#15 ryuyasha3 on 10 years ago

xD Oh god. Charlotte. I approve.