Marvel Metro Meet up

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#1 Akuma145 on 8 years ago

marvel Metro meet up ?

Post who you are going as and what days.

im going as cable from the x men but i havnt decided on what day.

i have a friend as deadpool so maybe a photoshoot or something would be interesting?

more marvel the better eh?

#2 Kyur4 Th Ich on 8 years ago

I will be Magneto either sat or sun

#3 Katala on 8 years ago

Elektra - don't know when

#4 kikuyo on 8 years ago

I'm considering being Northstar from X-men (regular white and black version)

#5 Braithcakes on 8 years ago

If I end up going, which might only be for 1 day, I'll be bringing a Wiccan along hopefully.

#6 onewingedjade on 8 years ago

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy!

#7 kikuyo on 8 years ago

Ok so I'm probably not going to be Northstar anymore, but I'm planning on doin Teen Titans on Sunday. I know its DC but we could have a miny marvel vs dc thing if u guys want "3

#8 kikuyo on 8 years ago

lmao jk << Doing northstar! bringing an Aurora with me!

JKJKJKJK omg i need to stop this. yeah Northstar can't happen til next mega sorries.

#9 FireFlash on 8 years ago

I am doing Cyclops and my friend is doing Wolverine. We both have the authentic movie suits and all the accessories. We both spent around 300-400 on our costumes. We will be there Fri-Sat-Sun. He was the same Wolverine that was at SuperCon all 3 days.

#10 onewingedjade on 8 years ago

Rogue or Domino. Depends on how much of a fatty I am. Spandex can stretch, pleather can't. :x

#11 Hotaru230 on 8 years ago

if I go, Jubilee part of Sat and maybe Black Canary at the rave.