Star Trek Cosplay??

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#16 tereshkova2001 on 9 years ago

I did [URL="[email protected]/4065487757/"]a modified TNG Vulcan[/URL] for Halloween this year; I bought the corset and jacket but designed the rest of it (including the makeup) myself. I'm probably going to wear it at a local SF con in April this year.
(Other partygoers decided I was actually a Romulan spy, between the cleavage and the smiles.)

#17 SaChan on 9 years ago

For Halloween, I was a Vulcan female science officer. I wore Spock recently and plan to wear it again Balticon and maybe Dragon*Con 2010. :)

#18 sunnystars on 9 years ago

Going as TOS Uhura to wondercon this year!

#19 symph0ny on 9 years ago

I am totally a Star Trek fan. XDD haven't dressed up as it yet, but it's on my to do list. >u

#20 audrey12345 on 9 years ago

I want to do a Star Trek cosplay!
I'll probably just make a generic Starfleet uniform.

#21 DarkBaroness on 9 years ago

I'm giving serious thought to revamping an old formal gown into something that Deanna's mother would wear.

#22 Lodni Kranazon on 9 years ago

I'm definately a fan! Did some cosplay in college and for the opening of "The Undiscovered Country" (yeah, I know that was a while back) a group of us was invited to a local movie theater to hand around! I was an Original Series Klingon. Certainly want to do some Trek cosplay again soon! Anyone in the Japan Kanto plain up for that??

#23 DDB on 9 years ago

I'm planning to go as a TNG Vulcan science officer to Supanova (Melbourne) this weekend. Got a week to sew my uniform shirt, eek! Will post photos when it's done.

#24 Stormraven24 on 9 years ago

I'm a recent fan of TOS and the 2009 movie, but I've always had a love for TNG. After seeing the "Manhunt" episode I decided I really want to make that tunic/dress-thingy that Riker and Picard wear in the beginning. I'd love to have a complete set of uniforms from TOS and TNG for all departments at some point -daydreams-

#25 OMGwyn on 9 years ago

My friend and I were Spock and Kirk for Halloween.
We have yet to do it for a con though. haha

#26 dooku on 9 years ago

I have First Contact uniform but I haven't been to a SiFi con yet. I have pics though

#27 animeangel90 on 9 years ago

I regulary wear my Star Trek 09 Kirk costume, love that thing so much. That's the only cosplay i will probably never get rid of. I think im wearing it to ctcon next.

#28 kenshin-chan64 on 9 years ago

I'm going to actually post a question in here if any of you can help me. I wish to eventualy do a Bones McCoy cosplay from TOS, but I want to do his short sleeved medical tunic. The top looks much different from the regular tops and I dont believe I can use their pattern to make it.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what pattern might be out there that requires little altering to get the medical tunic?

#29 Xaila on 9 years ago

I have a TOS dress I'll be wearing to ACen next week! I even found a Phaser (Type II) water gun prop to rock with it.

My only thing is... I don't want to be assumed as Uhura, I'm just a regular Fleet officer... but cuz I'm black, people will scream it out anyway. -_________-;;

Thinking of covering myself in gold paint... should work....

#30 Minsc on 9 years ago

Definitely a Trek fan! Might do something from the series in the future. When I do I suppose you can call me a full-fledged Trekkie at that point.