Star Trek Cosplay??

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#1 MistakenTrekkie on 9 years ago

So I figured I'd start this thread, just to see if anyone out here is a Trekkie, and Cosplays with the Trek.

I know you all exist. So come on over!

#2 AnimegirlParnaz on 9 years ago

My boyfriend and I have cosplayed as Star Fleet Captains from DS9.

#3 GracefulNightingale on 9 years ago

My sister and I were going to dress up as female starfleet cadets for Dragon*Con this past year, but we unfortunately didn't make it in time. :(

Maybe next year though! :)

#4 Lord_Tristan on 9 years ago

i was green tunic (trouble with tribbles) kirk for halloween. wore it to work to boot.

#5 VAcosplay on 9 years ago

For D*C 2010, I'm going as Nurse Chapel. :]

#6 CHOCOLAT3 disco on 9 years ago

I actually plan on being new Chekov for...something.


#7 E. Hyde on 9 years ago

I was a Klingon for ComicCon and for Halloween, you can see pics in my gallery. I also wore a generic and very quickly-made starfleet uniform to the movie opening.

#8 Chergnomebyl on 9 years ago

Off topic, but....I've never seen ONE episode of star trek, madness, right?

#9 KittyCanuck on 9 years ago

I made a pair of TOS uniforms for Dragon*Con 2009, and I wore mine again at work for hallowe'en! ^_^

I'd like to do a set of TNG uniforms Next time I cosplay from Star Trek!

#10 wildeyedangel on 8 years ago

I'm doing a vulcan-human hybrid at Kitacon next year. Have to figure out the best place to get a blue original series dress from though.....

#11 psychomunkey719 on 8 years ago

I was Data for my college's scifi club's Halloween party. It was a lot of fun, Data's a fun character to play.

#12 Garuda_Aiacos on 8 years ago

I wore the Medical Officer Uniform to the new Star Trek Movie Premiere here in Singapore. Not my cup of tea as am more SW Costumer/Fan but the T-Shirt was cheap and it's finally a chance for me to be an official part of the Costumer section of the local ST Fangroup instead of borrowing other member's which kinda ill-fitted me. :p

Next costume will either be the standard TNG Movie Uniform most in Singapore have or my dream costume : Captain Dress Uniform. ;)

Really want the Enterprise Jumpsuit but I think I might get sick of wearing Jumpsuits from having to wear one most of the time when I'm trooping. :p

#13 Hiro Semori on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=MistakenTrekkie;3220434]So I figured I'd start this thread, just to see if anyone out here is a Trekkie, and Cosplays with the Trek.

I know you all exist. So come on over![/QUOTE]

I always wanted to do cosplay of a Starfleet Captain from Wrath of Khan.

#14 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

I regularly wear my Original Series Commander dress to anime conventions. I made one a few years back for the 40th anniversary of Star Trek and have worn it so much that I had to completely remake it last year. My husband and I do Trek together and get an overall good reaction. Some people say we're at the wrong convention, but whatever. ;)

I'm planning on making a female captain's uniform (the green tunic one turned into a dress) even though there aren't female captains at that point. I'm sort of going for female Kirk. Green looks infinitely better on me than gold.

#15 zackinaapron on 8 years ago

My friends and I are going to go as our "alter-egos" from the show. We all have a specific character so were going to just dress up one day and go :D

And I'm going to try to go to MTAC this year as either Sulu or a Vulcan. Can't decide :/