Left 4 Dead Series- My buddy Keith took my pills!

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#1 Vampey on 8 years ago

Hello everyone! I know for sure there's gotta be some L4D/L4D2 folks out there. We should organize a photoshoot, gathering.. whatever you guys can think of! Gather and chat here of course!

And beware the special infected :D

I'll be showing up as the L4D2 Hunter.

#2 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

Yayy! I will be bringing Hunter to Katsu (if I go, of course). We should arrange something for L4D/L4D2. That would be full of WIN. :]

#3 Vampey on 8 years ago

I never get responses to threads! Awesome :D I'm trying to find some more blood, and a way to add some grimey looking skin without taking 12 hours to do it... or 12 hours to wash it off. lol.

#4 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

Lol. I'm just gonna splatter blood on mine. I need to get started though. I'm gonna use Hunter for Halloween too! :D All I really need to do is go to the party store and pick up some blood and make up. I'll try to make mine as grimey as possible. Lol.

#5 Terra_7x on 8 years ago

/might/ bring my L4D2 (The Passing) witch bride. Depending on the weather and such I may not.

#6 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

Ooh cool

#7 Vampey on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Terra_7x;3604703]/might/ bring my L4D2 (The Passing) witch bride. Depending on the weather and such I may not.[/QUOTE]

That would be awesome!

#8 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

I really need to start on some of my cosplays >.<
I hate when I want to do something, but I can't because I have to get ready to go back to school D:
FML |:<

#9 notemodamit on 8 years ago

I'll try to come, but I also have a Hetalia Wedding to attend on saturday..since im the groom -.- BUt I'll deffintly try~! I'll show as a hunter from L4D 1

#10 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

Yay. Hunter love~ =P

#11 night_vamp64 on 8 years ago

Contemplating a Zoey cosplay. Contemplating. Depends on if I get everything else done and still have time.

#12 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

w00t :]

#13 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

So, here's the thing. My plans for cons might be changing D: I want to go, but my friend's mom is going to be in school for the week and won't be able to take my friend. But, I might just have to recruit another friend for the journey. I'll keep you guys posted on how it all turns out!

#14 ~xKatie on 8 years ago

I won't be attending Katsucon, unfortunately, but I will be attending Otakon and I already started a thread for Left 4 Dead. Check it out if you want, and I hope you all have fun with Katsucon!

#15 XxEmo SasukexX on 8 years ago


I might, miiiiight bring my Hunter.
I don't really know. >w>;
Since, well. . . a lot of people cosplay
the Hunter since they think he is 'oh so easy,'
which, btw. . .if you're aiming for accuracy, he's not! >I
Although I do refuse to wear duct tape, at all costs.
It looks horrid on costumes. All shiny and wrinkly. Ew.
lulz. But I might, I don't know yet.