Sailor Moon for CNA 07

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#1 TiyenaKayla on 12 years ago

We tend to talk about this in the AN forum so I'm starting it here. I'm most likely cosplaying as Galaxia, my baby will be wearing her chibi-chibi cosplay, and there are alot of others who are cosplaying from stars. I'll be sending them over to talk about it in here. have fun

Photoshoot 10am Sat Place across the street at that park thingy

Edit- List of everyone :)

Me- Sailor Galaxia

Zahmira- Sailor Star Fighter

Chaos_magician- Princess Kakyuu

Uta Arashi- Sailor Iron Mouse

Silverwood- Yaten (concert suit)

Crimson Fire- Hotaru (school uniform)

Alexia Ishtar- Sailor Tin Nyanko

Fire ofthe Dawn- Sailor Star Healer

CloakedSchemer- Sailor Aluminum Siren

Starlighthoneym- Sailor Lead Crow

Mimiwu- Titanium Kerroko *See I still love you*

Nicki_013- Sailor Moon *please wear Final Battle Princess hehe*

Lunacat1- Sailor Moon

Cloaked's Friend- Star Maker

Kiyo-chan- Human Luna

Siead- Beryl

Mimiwu's Friend- Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

Silverangel902- Eternal Saturn

Jenna & sis- Sailor Lethe & Mnemosyne

X.X.X.Dreamer- Princess Serenity
Keep 'em coming everyone

#2 Zahmira on 12 years ago

I was wondering if it was too soon to start this.

I'll be Sailor Star Fighter. We also have Maker (CloakedSchemer), Healer (I'm not sure on Fire's username here), Kakyuu (chaos_magician), Iron Mouse (Uta Arashi), and half-healed Tin Nyanko (Alexia Ishtar).

#3 chaos_magician on 12 years ago

hehe I was about to post a thread XD yep I'll be Princess Kakyuu ^^

eeeeee Starlights protect me from Galaxia >0

#4 Alexia Ishtar on 12 years ago

*attacks Chaos* I shall steal your star seed!!!


v^.^ We moonies have a bad habbit of getting of topic, I don't know if I even have a list of Stars characters...I'll work on that later


#5 Zahmira on 12 years ago

*protects chaos from Alexia*
You'll never harm my princess!

Thank god we got this thread going.

#6 Uta Arashino on 12 years ago

I've got a list of Villains...because I'm good like that.
Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Lead Crow
Sailor Aluminum Siren
Sailor Tin Nyanko
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion
Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne
Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi
Sailor Galaxia
Chaos (I've seen one cosplayer ever in this. It made me so happy.)

And we also have a Yaten in his concert suit (Silverwood).

#7 chaos_magician on 12 years ago

eeeee bad Alexia no stealing my star seed! ><

whew thanx Zam Zam ~hugs~!! protection is good!

and yay!! this gathering will be awesome!

I found this link that gives a pretty detailed bio of each Stars character..

some of these I haven't even heard of..probably since I haven't really read much of the Stars manga

#8 Uta Arashino on 12 years ago

Whoa, there are some there that aren't on my other site... (After reading, apparently they're from the drama only...)

And I really want to do Deimos one day... That site is teh awesome. <3

#9 Alexia Ishtar on 12 years ago

*makes grabby motions at Chaos* Star seeeeeed T_T

You guys are no fun XD I'm so hyper *huggles her kitteh* Btw KITTEH CAME BACK!

#10 Uta Arashino on 12 years ago


We should definitely prop of a star seed for this.

#11 Alexia Ishtar on 12 years ago

I'd make it...but I've got to figure out how to make my kitteh cannon..thing

#12 Elendriel on 12 years ago

Hehe... off topic? what's that? :P

I shall be there as Taiki :) *Sailor version*

(protects the princess)

#13 Alexia Ishtar on 12 years ago

Noooooo *has a kitteh hisseh fit* T___T too many people protecting Kakyuu *gives up and plays with a ball of yarn*

Ayah...I was workingon my Tin nyanko again (cause I found it when i was cleaning my room ^_^() )

#14 Uta Arashino on 12 years ago

I can't start Iron Mouse until I leave the house and go fabric shopping... I've got the money and everything. D:

#15 Zahmira on 12 years ago

It's going to be weird to be one of the good guys.