Tutorial: Putting on a wig.

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#1 Katasha on 15 years ago

My website is being changed so I will have the tutorial on here for a bit.

Making a wig cap: (and yes you NEED a wig cap for your wigs. Not only does it hold your hair in place so it won't poke through the wig, it also keeps your wig clean.)

Making a wig cap:
Take a normal knee high stocking; a new one is best.
Tie a knot little more then halfway up and pull it tight.
Cut off the excess.

Now how to put your hair up all depends on what kind of hair you have. If you have really thick hair you want to part your hair into two pieces and twist it up the back of your head. You can also braid the pieces and pin them into your hair, French braiding works as well.
If you have really long hair you want to twist it like before but circle it around the crown of your head. This spreads out the hair so you have no large bump.
If you have thin hair you'll be fine just twist it up into one piece like a French knot.
Now to put on the wig cap you want to grab the front piece in between your teeth and pull it up over your hair and down the back of your head. You always want to go from front to back to catch your bangs. You don’t have to keep it in your teeth I just find it easier if I have no one else around to help me.
While pulling the cap back over your head, use your thumbs to stuff the hair under the cap.
Pull it down as far as you can. I have a rather low hairline so some of my hair does stick out the back and that's normal. Just try and stick as much under the cap as you can. If you are worried about the little hairs, you can use Gel or Hairspray to stick them to your head and under the cap.
Pull the knot forward and tuck it under the front band.
Use your fingers to massage the hair and spread it around so you don't have a large lump in the back of your head.
Putting on the wig:
Lean forward and rest the front band on the wig in the middle of your forehead pulling the wig back over your head. Now this does not work on wigs that are top heavy or really styled. If you have one like that, place the wig gently on the front of your forehead and gently pull it back over your hair.

There are two tabs on the side of each wig that should line up perfectly on either side of your head. Make sure they are right in front of your ears.
Brush the wig and your ready to go!

#2 Cora on 15 years ago

Great tutorial - thanks! ^^

#3 ilikeyaoi on 15 years ago

Wow, this is great. I'll be sure to put it into the...dead... FAQ.

#4 Sarcasm-hime on 15 years ago

If the wig is heavy or oddly balanced you'll also want to secure it with hairpins. I have very long and slippery hair and find that simply twisting my hair up isn't secure enough; I put mine in two or three braids which I pin close to the scalp, which keeps the hair from sliding around and also provides an anchor that I can pin the wig to once it's on.

#5 YunaLenne on 15 years ago

Thank you for the tutorial ^_^

#6 TribalButterfly on 15 years ago

Wow... I've been putting on wigs for years and I never knew it was so complicated! :) haha! But that was benneficial, thanx! I'll try to keep all that in mind for the next time i put on one of my wigs! :)

#7 Chibi Ice Wolf on 15 years ago

That's a great tutorial! I tried to explain that a couple times while doing a cosplay panel but it can be hard to show... I'll make sure to link this to folks next time someone asks me why they need a wigcap! XD The only thing I do in addition to that is to secure it in a few strategic places with bobby pins (especially in the front cause the bangs want to slip upwards, especially with bangless wigs it's vital!)...can't go without em myself, though I know others do so I guess it's personal preference. ^^

#8 KaiJule on 15 years ago

Thanks for this tutorial! it rocks! ^__^!!

#9 Jiah on 15 years ago

Very helpful! I have pantyhose wig cap, but it tends to slip alot, so I think I'm going to make another one when I get my hands on some knee-highs. I'm definately bookmarking this on my computer :)

#10 Genesis_13 on 15 years ago

I had a wig cap and then lost it, and I just realized I can use knee-highs...awesome!

#11 SamuraiArren on 15 years ago

Thank you soooooo much! I plan on cosplaying as Haruno Sakura, but i couldn't figure out how to keep my hair from showing underneath the wig. This tutorial helped me so much.

#12 Hitomi chan on 15 years ago

YAY!! I like this tutorial, I even posted the link in the spanish forum :D thank you very much.

If you have short, (shoulder lenght) thick hair, a french braid would help you a lot. A friend of mine has A LOT (really a lot) of hair and she found out that the best way to keep her hair is with a unique french braid.

#13 Katasha on 15 years ago

Knee Highs= god.

Thanks for all the kind remarks guys, glad It helped a few people!

#14 KazeChan on 15 years ago

wow! Great tutorial! Thank you! <3 I really needed that actually ^^; I have really long and thick hair so- thanks! :D great tutorial!

#15 madame morte on 15 years ago

Awesome tut! I have pretty short hair, so I have to pin up my hair because it isn't long enough to twist/put into a pony tail.

I used this tutorial for my sister, who has very very very long hair, and it worked pretty well!

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