Trinity Blood Image help?

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#1 TerukiHolic on 12 years ago

I can't seem to find any of the art images of Abel, Esther and Ion's matching black outfits. (I'm not sure what to call them.)

I've seen a few cosplayers on here of it, and wondered where they found the details of the image (or simply used their imagination.)

But in any case, does anyone have any help?

#2 NecroticNymph on 12 years ago

Is this what you're talking about?: [url][/url]

I'm not really familiar with the series, but from the posters I've seen, a few of the characters wear variations of this outfit.

Unless this is what you're talking about: [url][/url]

#3 Nicepants on 12 years ago

actually, esther, abel, and ion all wear matching outfits while being in disguise in the empire. That's the matching black outfits.

[url][/url] the ones for abel and Esther

I can't find one for Ion, though.

#4 Hikaruchan on 12 years ago

I have also seen a Seth dressed in the style of Empire outfits posted last - but haven't found a pic of her like that. Some more reference is black and white novel drawings - there are about 10 of them that show some details of the empire outfits if those are the ones looking for.

#5 FeyMeggan on 12 years ago

when in doubt on the images from TB go to [url=]The Trinity Blood Message Board[/url] pretty much every image is accounted for there, and there's people that have created the costumes. You can also ask in the [url=]massive Trinity Blood[/url] thread here on

#6 Kat Murz on 12 years ago

Here are some Novel and Manga images of the empire outfit:

Color novel image of Ion and Able:




Esther with out jacket on:

Seth in undercover outfit:

Heres a cosplay site dedicated showing how too for making an empire costume:

hope this helps ^^

#7 -Kitsu on 12 years ago

Can I also request images for Cardinal Caterina here, both anime and Manga please.

#8 Rosieal on 12 years ago

Hello! I suppose that going to the [URL=""]Aethereality Gallery of Fabrica Theologiae[/URL] would help you a lot and provide you with more ideas. ^^