boot/shoe covers

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#1 Vanity Fading on 17 years ago

I've never made boot/shoe covers before and I was wondering how I would start this, any suggestions?^^

#2 Amethyst Angel on 17 years ago

Ooh. Boot/shoe covers. They're not easy, but they're not impossible either. I recently made a pair of [URL=]Geddoe boots[/URL] by going to a thrift store and buying a pair of thick-soled, fabric covered shoes. I cut the fabric part away from the sole (leaving about a half-inch or so.) Then I made a pattern for the bootcover by wrapping newspaper around my foot (figuring out how much fabric I would need and what shape to cut the pieces in.) I used the newspaper pattern to cut out the fabric I needed (which was a thick fabric with gray knit on one side and foam on the other--I think it was a carpet padding of some sort. Real stiff so it would stand up well. Vinyl is also a good fabric to work with in this regard.)

I sewed the fabric around the sole of the boot by hand. (The fabric was joined together in back by way of a seam.) It took lots of trial and error to get to the final design. (Mostly error.)

#3 Vanity Fading on 17 years ago

wow those boots look amazing *__* not sure if I'll have time to make mine since I have 2 weeks left =\

#4 vallen on 17 years ago

Go here:


#5 Firegirl on 17 years ago

Boots can be easier than that, too. I have a pattern for boot covers that came with a hallooween costume pattern I had bought. I had to modify the pattern to make Sailor Chibiusa boots. It really isn't hard! Fabric of your choice, some elastic, a bit of sewing, and voila! What style of boots are you aiming for? I think I can help.

#6 Hitomi chan on 17 years ago

I don't know what kind of boots do you want, but you can make with the fabric that you want to use a kind of pair of socks and put them over a pair of shoes, you can leave a hole for the hill if the shoes have one or cut the bottom and sew an elastic to prevent this socks move of it's place. This is a technique that artistic ice skaters use to cover the skate... I don't know how you name it in english, I only know the word in spanish, but let me see if I find an image to explain myself better.

#7 Hitomi chan on 17 years ago

Here is the better image that I could find, stare with attention the skates
It works better with elastic fabrics but you can use any that you want

(a few minutes later....)
This is better, I found an image of the exactly thing that I'm trying to explain :thumbsup:
Look at the blue one, the original shoe is yellow and the blue thing is the cover.
If the image doesn't show try this link [url][/url] where it says "Polainas"

#8 ChibiRinoa on 17 years ago

would i use the same techniques for these boots to make thigh high boot covers?

#9 libelle on 17 years ago

this is what i need to do for terra's red boots.. i heard about shoe goo.. some rubber thingy that its used to repair tennis...

#10 vallen on 17 years ago

[QUOTE=ChibiRinoa]would i use the same techniques for these boots to make thigh high boot covers?[/QUOTE]

I used that method to make thigh-high covers for Suzaku (Angelic Layer), and they turned out okay. They kept falling down tho.

#11 megumibish on 17 years ago

You could just sew elastic into it. sew the elastic only at the seams so you have a smaller circle inside the original boot cover so it can hold it up without it looking ugly. oh and shoe goo is just a flexible glue that can hold up to the constant movement of you walking around. hot glue probably couldn't withstandd all that movement without just coming apart.

#12 Vanity Fading on 17 years ago

Im planning to make those boots that Dark Chii wears in her default outfit but I don't have boots that goes above the knees

#13 Hotaru on 17 years ago

i don't know if i'm ressurection this thread or not.......but anyways.

we need two types of boots for our last exile costumes.
the first image, i can't find boots even remotely similar to those. nothing with a zipper in the front or anything. any suggestions?

the other is motorcycle boots with a buckle across the ankle, and one on the calf. i have found boots quite similar, BUT they're upwards of $100. the first pic attached is of the costume. sorry if it's too big. would it be feasible to make good looking boot covers if we just buy shoes or something?

#14 bipolarbunny on 17 years ago

my mom made me white boot covers for my haruko costume...but they were vinyl...and looked like mega man feet....but i wore them anyway!

#15 dead pixle on 16 years ago

Remember wearing those spandex streachy pants called 'sturrps' as kids?
Maybe that can give you some inspiration.

1. Take a piece of fabric and wrap it around your leg pinning it so it fits pretty snugly.
2. Then you want to leave some extra length at the end.
3. Sew a piece of elastic from one side of the tube to the other so the 'boot' will stay snug on yuor leg while moving around.
4. You can then hem the fabric tot he correct length.