never been to youmacon O_O / jrock?

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#1 velvet_eden on 11 years ago

i can't believe i have never been . I have been to acen . But i was wondering if anyone could tell me what this con is like? and if they're is any jrock? or any one who likes jrock and goes to make new friends? please reply thank you .

#2 Lady on 11 years ago

Youmacon is a small but quickly growing convention. They doubled in size from year 1 to year 2 (last year).

I don't remember seeing much in the way of J-Rock last year, and Youma hasn't had any J-Rock bands. (This year's musical guest is Eyeshine). However, that's not to say that you won't find other fans of the J-Rock genre attending the convention. Heck, you could even propose a J-Rock panel and share your knowledge with other attendees!

The entire convention is inside of the Hilton Hotel, and is still relatively small, but the Hilton has actually expanded in size to accommodate Youmacon's growing attendance and space needs for 2007. I'd encourage you to take a look around the website to get a better feel for the events and overall feel of the convention.

#3 Rikkucrazygirl on 11 years ago

I think Lady explained for the most part what Youmacon is like

But i know i am cosplaying Miku from an cafe and i have a kanon and a bou and im doing Fullface from sendai kamotsu and i have some other friends doing sendai with me and i know a bunch of my other friends are cosplaying jrock too so there is a decent amount of jrockers going to be there ^_^ we'll be pretty easy to spot hehe