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#1 mistriss on 13 years ago

Alright, for AnimeFEST in September, my friend and I decided to be the Hitachiin Twins from Ouran High School Host Club. I was given the duty of styling the wigs since I have a lot of experience with styling hair.

When I first thought about styling a wig, I though "Uh-oh, I've never styled a wig before, I'm going to screw up."

How many of you out there have felt the same way?

Well, in this tutorial, I'm going to hopefully break down the steps and explain bit by bit how to style the Hitachiin Twins hair into a wig. This tutorial is to help those of us out there who don't know the first thing about styling a wig.

First off, for the Hitachiin Twins, I recommend buying the "Twiggy" wig from amphigory.com, buying it in "30 highlighted with 3514." Got that? Good, let's move on.

Tools of the trade:
Items needed: Wig (of course -_-), foam head (runs about $3-4), comb, bobby pins, razor (You don't have to use a fancy razor for this, so I used an eyebrow razor from walmart; they come in packs of three for $2), and HAIRSPRAY! I cannot express enough how important and big a role hairspray plays in sculpting the Hitachiin Twins hair! (For a really strong hold, what I used was Treseme Extra Hold.)

Alright, now that you have your tools, it's time to get to work.

Step 1:
First, what you want to do is put the back of the wig up in layers. This can be achieved by grabbing the sections already layered and separating them, pinning them with bobby pins like so:

Step 2:
Once you have the back of the wig pinned up in sections, now it's time to grab your razor and start slashing away. Make sure that you use a RAZOR and not SCISSORS. If you use sissors, and unless you're a professional hairstylist that knows what you're doing, you will get a flat, staight cut opposed to cutting with a razor, which gives a choppy look to hair (perfect for anime hairstyles).

Step 3:
Once you cut away at a section with the razor, you'll notice the wig fibers start to bunch up and it basically feels like a big tangle of hair. Not to worry, this is what the comb is for. When you use the comb, make sure that you comb the fibers with the SMALLEST teeth, and always start combing from the END of the strands and make your way up GENTLY, or else you'll rip out hair, and that won't look good, now would it? *cough*baldHitachiinbrothers*cough*

Step 4:
Now it's time to do my most favorite part of styling. Hairspraying! You will be using a LOT of hairspray and your hands in the end will get covered, if not drenched in the stuff, so if you're afraid of getting your hands dirty, this might not be the wig for you to do. Moving on, grab the top most layer that you had pinned and unpin it. Hold the strands of hair almost to where you're bending it, with the middle section bouncing upwards. Hold it still and spray with the nozzle facing UPWARDS, spraying the roots of the hair (same as you would with your real hair).
Repeat the process until you have all of the sections you cut spiking outwards. The most important part of nailing the Hitachiin Twins' look is getting the back part to spike outwards. Once you have that covered, grab the excess hair that you didn't use on the side and spray it going the same direction until you have a neat looking style and you have achieved this:

End Results:
I placed the reference picture I used on the table along with the other materials which I used.

This was a quick and easy tutorial I did because I felt like helping other cosplayers out there. Now I know that the Hitachiin Twins' hairstyle is one of the easiest out there, but this tutorial is for those of you who need some help or reference. If you have any questions or concerns on what I did, please don't hesitate to post them here or PM them to me.

#2 mistriss on 13 years ago


After and Before picture.

Sorry for the big use of pictures. I will go back later and resize them.

#3 mistriss on 13 years ago

Heh, no problem. It was really fun and I love doing hair. This was actually my first time styling a wig. I guess it helped since I do crazy things with my own hair. ^_^;

#4 Zerofox Kitsune on 13 years ago

I was planning on doing a cosplay of the Hitachiin twins with my twin, so you just saved my sorry hide. A big thanks goes to you!

#5 Envel on 13 years ago

Thank you for this thread! Now we can link to it every time there's a "How do I layer a short wig?" thread. ^_~

#6 FaithInDeidara on 13 years ago

i have a question-
since the twins have differnt hair parts, and this wig only has a skin top where its factory parted, how did you change? or did you leave them the way they were?

#7 Doctor Blind on 13 years ago

Great tutorial! The wigs look nice. ^^;

However, I wanted to mention - you don't have to use a razor, and you don't have to be a professional hair stylist to use scissors. I used scissors to layer a wig that I was going to be spiking and it worked fine. Just make sure that you cut at an angle, zigzagging, and don't cut too much hair at a time.

#8 panda0920 on 13 years ago

Thank you so much! This tutorial is so handy and easy to use! Thank you so much! I'll will experiment one day with this tutorial.

#9 Swan-Song-xx on 12 years ago


Thanks this will help on my quest for a good wig ^^"
One question.
Where did you get your wig?
Or do you know any places I could find a good one?
I'm a helpless hairdresser so.. heh. ^^"

#10 Doctor Blind on 12 years ago


Thanks this will help on my quest for a good wig ^^"
One question.
Where did you get your wig?
Or do you know any places I could find a good one?
I'm a helpless hairdresser so.. heh. ^^"[/QUOTE]

Did you read it..?

"First off, for the Hitachiin Twins, I recommend buying the "Twiggy" wig from amphigory.com, buying it in "30 highlighted with 3514." Got that? Good, let's move on."

#11 MemorizeThis on 12 years ago

Great tutorial on the Hitachiin Twins! Looks perfect! :D

#12 aliceinbox on 12 years ago

wow ... that's really good thanks for sharing :D

#13 DEATHnote~ on 12 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial!

It was really helpful!

#14 Shaye-baye on 12 years ago

Sorry to repeat FaithInDeidara, but I'm curious, too -- how did you part the wig so that you'd have the traditional twin-identifying difference? In the picture, it looks like you did manage to part one differently somehow... Cool stuff!!

Other than that, this is a completely perfect and super-helpful tutorial!! I was having horrible luck finding wigs that would work for my friend and I, but you've helped out soooo much! Thank you~!!

#15 virus=[1.6k] on 12 years ago

arnt you going to the like the top spikes and the shaped bangs ?

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