(Epic) Crossplay/Genderbend Gathering

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#1 katx on 7 years ago

All this... just because I want to take a group pic of traps... :D


Ok everyone, the (Epic) Crossplay/Genderbend Gathering will be held on...

[B]Day 3 [Sunday]
11:00 AM
LACC Site #3[/B]
Unfortunately, we can't be added as an "official" gathering, because we're not tied in to a specific series or publisher (we're considered a "Random" gathering). So please spread the word!!! :)[/B]

Here's the FB page for the event:

(g) katx - (Disney)
(c) animejunkie - Yui Hirasawa (K-On, School uniform or haruhi uniform)
(c) ProjectAria - Shuichi Nitori
(g) MinaotoBot - Kamina
(c) Masao - Shimizu Raikou
(c) desuderp
(c) October Spencer - China (Hetalia)
(g) HumanoidTatsumi - Auron
(c) TheDawn'sShadow
(c) In Cadmium
(c) Poody - Birdo
(c) nana-chan00
(c) zabimaru2468 - Princess Euphemia (Code Geass)
(g) amateur cameko - Ika Musume
(?) BizarreSerenity - Mello (DeathNote)
(?) usachanpeace - Death The Kid (Soul Eater)
(g) EternityRose & friend - Kirk and Spock (Star Trek)
(?) Devito - G-Dragon (K-pop star)
(c) CobaltTempest - Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)
(c) roy_leingod - Kyoya Ootori
(c) Tarmarov from AXForums - Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
(?) darkcloudinc - Yui Goidou from The World God Only Knows in Goddess form

(c) shadowdragon13
(c) Mega♥Busted - Shu Koibuchi from Kuragehime
(c) ColorMeCosVKei
(c) Xeia DeVertrude
(c) Citrakite
(c) MeiChama - Len Kagamine from Vocaloid
(g) darkraigirl - Lady Yugi from Yugioh
(c) Geekies
(?) uguuu - Tissue-hime (Junpaku Sanctuary maid version)
(c) Kaylin77 - Strong World Mafia Luffy

[URL="http://www.anime-expo.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14518&view=findpost&p=579847"]Lucky from AXForums[/URL] - Fabulous Crossdressing Photographer ^^

(c) Crossplay
(g) Genderbend

Photoshoot/Pose Ideas:
- Male crossplayers
- Female crossplayers
- Male genderbenders
- Female genderbenders
- Video Games (can be divided into genre or series)
- Anime (can be divided into genre or series)
- Non-anime Anime (LOL you know what I mean)
- Movies

and towards the end of the gathering...
- All Crossplayers
- All Genderbenders
- Everyone

- Requests from photographers ^^

#2 LexiLawliet96 on 7 years ago

haha would be epic! but sadly im only crossplaying on Day 1 and that day is bussy for me. Death Note, cosplay chess and maybe dropping by to photograph Kingdom Hearts cosplayers DX and the other days when i have only 1 cosplay per day it'd be such a pain to have to change cuz its dresses Dx day 3 not to mention...OVERLOAD! hmm maybe someone else is willing. or i might if i fix my schedule.

#3 shadowdragon13 on 7 years ago

Im crossplaying on days 0, 2, and 3. Any of those days are good for me. :D

#4 Hcoregamer00 on 7 years ago

That sounds like an awesome idea, I wonder why we never had something like this before?

#5 Waifu Beam on 7 years ago

This sounds like an amazing idea! I'm planning on crossplaying three out of the four costumes I have for this year! :'D

#6 RubyTuesday on 7 years ago

I'm crossplaying all four days but I'm running a booth with a friend. ><
I'd like to see this happen too though XD

#7 katx on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Hcoregamer00;3909705]That sounds like an awesome idea, I wonder why we never had something like this before?[/QUOTE]

Idea inspired by all those "I'm crossplaying so and so for AX" posts on FB ^^ Can't wait to see all those guys in skir... errr I mean original and awesome crossplays :D

Not sure what day would be good, but I should've made a poll. But mmm... Day 0... *thinks*

If no one volunteers to organize this by late May/early June, I guess I'll have to do it XD But I really hope someone steps up (we can also do a co-op!)

#8 HidingintheMist on 7 years ago

I'm crossplaying all four days. Love the idea of this!

#9 Star_Cat on 7 years ago

this sounds neat, im crossplaying all weekend XD;

#10 animejunkie on 7 years ago

This sounds awesome; I'm cross-playing on Days 2 and 3, so naturally those days would work for me (as long as it wouldn't interfere with the K-ON gathering on Day 2). Though, I could cross-play briefly on Day 1 if there's a gathering and that day works for everyone interested, would just have to be careful not to sweat too much while in costume so that I don't end up as one of those people with 'otaku funk' :p

#11 Heiwaandsuch on 7 years ago

Ooh how fun! I love crossplaying! Technically I am crossplaying all four days, but two of the days, the characters are male but being genderbended(So I will still be a girl in appearance). Does that still count? Or do only my non-genderbended crossplays count XD?

#12 zabimaru2468 on 7 years ago

i will be crossplaying days 1,2, and 3 (cosplays in my sig) this sounds like fun :D i have never heard of such a gathering so, i will want to take part in this because it sounds like fun lol

#13 katx on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Heiwaandsuch;3912422]the characters are male but being genderbended(So I will still be a girl in appearance). Does that still count? [/QUOTE]

It totally does :D

I wasn't planning to crossplay anyone, just wanted to take pictures... but this inspired me to work on a crossplay I've wanted to do for a long time @[email protected] (and the character will be genderbended as well XD)

#14 Heiwaandsuch on 7 years ago

YAY! Thankyou katx, for the comfirmation :D XD Way to go genderbending buddies! :P

We should totally do this, it would be really fun!

#15 amateur cameko on 7 years ago

Is it just crossplay or is genderbending allowed? I was originally planning a genderbending Ika Musume (since I haven't cosplayed in shorts before), but I was also thinking of doing a schoolgirl version if I had the time...