Naruto Gathering 2010!!

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#1 BrightHeart76 on 11 years ago

[CENTER]Day: Sunday 2010
Time: 12:00 Noon
Place: Fountain in front of the Convention Center (Marriott Side)[/CENTER]

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.


Second Annual Naruto Picnic. [u] Bring your own food, but feel free to bring extra to share[/u]. (Please post if you're bringing extra) The picnic is open to EVERYONE this year. Please bring your friends, cosplay or not.

Bacchikoi!!! Dance. Led by MoogleBorg. (Time and Location to follow)

Cosplay Chess Team (so far): TokenBlackGuy, Shinigami_Lover ,Eliteslayer, roth14, luluuxduplica1223 (?), luluuxduplica1223's friend (?)

[CENTER]Cosplay list
Cosplayer count so far = 49
Last update 2/28/2010[/CENTER]

Non-Timeline specific Cosplays:
Tsunade - BrightHeart76, Mama-San
Anbu - Lordsnow's Friend, TokenBlackGuy
Kakashi - GomenNasaiPro
Jiraiya - Otaking007

Original Series:
Second Hokage - Lord Snow's Friend
Sasuke - UchihaNeko, sasukeuchiha92, Death_Note_Matt, chibi_sasuke_1, Axelasuke (Genin)
Sakura - Death_Note_Matt's neice, luluuxduplica1223's friend
Hinata - Neko
Rock Lee - grip200kg
Haku - Mikuko
Temari - Panda

Naruto - Dragon Ninja
Sakura - Shinigami_Lover
Neji - ICosplayNeji
Rock Lee - Moogleborg
Hinata - Tabbychan
Hinata Konoha Gakuen Den "date" dress - Shawny
Choji - sweetchorizo
Shikamaru - sweetchorizo's friend
Madara Uchiha - Death_Note_Matt
Team Hebi - Nandra and friends (no Sasuke)

Deidara - ruby19_4, iKuraudo
Sasori - Kites-kun, sasukeuchiha92's friend (in Hiruko)
Tobi - ruby19_4's brother, Mi Feng's Friend
Kakuzu - Eliteslayer
Pain - 100buttons
Konan - auroramarija, 100buttons' Friend (with wings)
Itachi - RyuSan777, naruto_ramen_1, Toshi_Riku
Sasuke - Eward Elric, Cailany
Team Hawk Sasuke - explosive_artist

Manga Specific / Artbooks:

Creative Cosplays (your own personal take on a Naruto character):
Vampire Sakura - Shinigami_Lover
Anbu Kakashi - PhDPepper
SNJ Rock Lee - Celiabeth


#2 Shinigami_Lover on 10 years ago

I will be Shippuden Sakura Haruno! I have also posted on the Fanime Forums...

#3 Aurora Maryte on 10 years ago

Hey, I'll be there as Konan. :) ...I'll go and post on the Fanime forums too, since this seems kind of dead, but yeah...

#4 Mkamzng1 on 10 years ago

I'll be showing up as Omoi this year.

#5 Haku_Hyuuga on 10 years ago

I'm pretty sure I already said I'd attend on the actual Fanime forums, but I'll do it here just to make sure ^__^

On the Fanime forums I'm ICosplayNeji, I think, aw fail. I can't really remember XD But I'm going to be Shippuden Neji

#6 Axelasuke on 10 years ago

i'll be there as Itachi

#7 Nandra on 10 years ago

So excited!~ I'm going with a few friends as Hebi, but without Sasuke. (Original outfits, by the way, not the current Akatsuki cloaks.)

#8 chibi_sasuke_1 on 10 years ago

Hey there XD

I'll be there as Black Vest Sasuke, bringing my sister, naruto_ramen_1, who'll be Battle Itachi XD Let the epic battle begin XD

Should be fun! :D

#9 BrightHeart76 on 10 years ago

Sorry I haven't updated here very often. I think I have everyone from here included on the list now. Let me know if I missed anyone. :-)

We're planning a picnic, Bachikoi dancing and some fun games. Let me know if you have anything you'd like to add to the fun or any ideas. :D

Time of the gathering will be announced soon. Let me know if you have any preferences.

See you guys at Fanime!

#10 Celiabeth on 10 years ago

SNJ RockLee

#11 Toshi_Riku on 10 years ago

It it doesn't conflict any gatherings I'll come as Itachi either Anbu or Akatsuki

#12 PhDPepper on 10 years ago

Since this gathering doesn't seem to be on the same day as the Final Fantasy and Fanime Theme gathering day, I should be able to bring an Anbu Kakashi. Its almost complete so it should be done well before fanime :P.

#13 Nandra on 10 years ago

BrightHeart76: You actually did miss my group... ^^ My friends and I will be there as Team Hebi, minus Sasuke.

#14 grip200kg on 10 years ago


#15 Axelasuke on 10 years ago

change of plans i'm going as genin Sasuke