Homestuck/MSPA Gathering

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#1 Kaeips on 7 years ago

Hopefully we'll have enough people for this to be an official gathering, which shouldn't be too hard even though this is AM2's 2nd year.

Anyone can obviously come, if changes happen it will be stated, as of now no location is official due to not knowing my way around this place, feel free to give ideas!

A [U]drawing party[/U] will be started/after the pictures are done and over with. (We'll get into a circle and pass sketchbooks around so BRING A SKETCHBOOK, PAPER, PENCIL, INK, BLOOD, WHATEVER YOU DRAW WITH)

Date: Saturday, the 16th
Time: 4:13
Location: In Front of the Fountain (outside)




Doomed!John: Kaeips
Rose (maybe John): ZephyrEclipse
Rose (maybe): hachiko27
God Tier!Dave : pagiechan



Sollux (maybe) :Getheyon
Robo!Aradia : dotaccino



[U]Others[/U] (Wanderers/Derse/Prospit/etc):


[U]Problem Sleuth:[/U]

#2 karanawolfy on 7 years ago

DX I wish it was on sunday, thats when I plan my kanaya cosplay. btw I have been to the con, and I suggest the fountain. Its easy to find.

#3 Amikachu on 7 years ago

HEY SPIKE.ITS FEF.YA BUTT Unleeeeeeessss <u<?

#4 Getheyon on 7 years ago

Sollux here.
And my friend will be Gamzee. No promises that we will make it though. :/
Oh, and a Tavros, Terezi(SP?), Rose/Roxy(Not sure which one yet) and a couple of others. I have a lot of friends who cosplay HS. lol.

#5 ZephyrEclipse on 7 years ago

You could put me down as Rose (Act I. vers.) but I may end up showing up as John because I tend to do that, even when I don't plan on it xD

#6 Amikachu on 7 years ago

Nvm Spoik I cant go

#7 Rerouch on 7 years ago

I'll be there as Tavros. Yey

#8 hachiko27 on 7 years ago

I'm working as staff so depending on my schedule if I'm free I'll be going as Rose

#9 pagiechan on 7 years ago

I'll be going as Godtier Dave. Umm I agree that the fountain would be nice and easy since this is my first time here. -_-; I might possibly have a godtier Jade with me too. I like the date too!!! so yeah please maybe keep it that day. U_U I hope this goes, I really wanna meet other homestucks and group cosplay with them.D:

#10 dotaccino on 7 years ago

I'll be there wearing Roboaradia. See everyone there!