God of war creator says this is last generation of consoles.

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#1 pinoycosplay on 7 years ago

He thinks the next generation of consoles will likely be the last of consoles as we currently know them.


#2 Mesoian on 7 years ago

He's wrong, obviously. The Wii-U will be in production at the end of this year and the next xbox and Playstation already have leaked documents describing their launch timetables.

I think he's more interested in bringing the ideas of free to play to the traditional gaming space, mostly because he's focusing solely on making free to play games at this point. The closest point that he does have is that consoles probably won't be a thing where you go out and spend 300-400 dollars at launch. We already know that the 360 and the next xbox will work on a subscription model where you pay 100-200 dollars, and then enter into a subscription model for xbox live which subsidizes the cost. It's more likely that Micheal Pachter's assumption that video game consoles will become as common as cable boxes is more on the mark, them simply being installed with your cable if you buy 2 or 3 years. After the next console cycle, the technology form factor will be so different that it simply won't match what we have to do. Honestly, if this last cycle was anything to go by, we won't be seeing new consoles after the next cycle until 2022. And by then we should all have jetpacks and flying cities on clouds.

#3 Wulikins on 7 years ago

I think the OP means this is the last generation of consoles that we can still identity with the older consoles.

Recent generations of console have been moving away from the traditional gaming archetypes. Corded controllers, cartridges, fewer systems with more titles.

These days a new console comes out every year, almost every console now has cordless options for games and are starting to use hardrives for saving versus a memory card or saving to the game itself. The next generation will certainly take a greater leap away from what we identify as the first gaming systems.

Eventually systems might become hologram projections and not use a television. Or become all motion detective where as now it's only an additional feature to the game. It's a continuous evolution and the link between the Megavox Odyssey and today's PS3 is becoming less and less defined. I think most consoles these days have more in common with modern computers/tablets than they do with the systems from the 70's and 80's.

#4 Zweihander on 7 years ago

I bet that guy thinks God of War 3 was a good game, too.

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