So... how was SMASH?

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#1 Su-san on 6 years ago

*sigh* So how was it? I wasn't able to attend.... yet yesterday my parents told me I could go... I just wanna find out how it was.... I know I'll be attending Animania...... ve~

#2 cosplayconnor on 6 years ago

i didnt go either and this really sucked but theres always next year for us who missed out

#3 Yukora-Chan on 6 years ago

I think this should be called the 'Who didn't go to SMASH' thread. I had a really great time! I found out recently someone had posted my picture on DA I was soooo happy! I think the major highlights were:

-Being Fanserviced by IV
-Meeting a chirpy Italy who was my age
-Seeing my friends and glomping two because they were really important.
-Belting out one of the Yugioh Abridged BBT movie songs.

#4 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

it sucks that cosplayconnor and Su-san couldn't go...maybe next year^^

It was a awesome day for me, I was soooo happy~
my highlight of the day would have to of been taking a photo of a Italy cospalyer and having a Near cosplayer ask for a pic of me (since I'm a Mello supporter)

yet the down fall was that my wand slowly began to crumble away during the day and I had to pull my unevenly cut skirt down all the time.

I probably am gonna go to Animania but has anyone looked at the ticket it me or has Animania gone up with there prices? -,-

#5 Miss-Kagamine on 6 years ago

It was fun, i got a few photo's taken but none have been posted of me.
I was the Canada, with the Beige fur coat and the black ski goggles with the white bear.
I look forward to next year when i am making my cosplay (i made part of mine this year) and going in the cosplay comp.

ah about Animania, yeah the ticket prices will probably go up. i think that if mini was cost $23 pre reg then pre reg for main will probably be $33. i honestly wish it was better and if i wasn't doing my HSC i would go.

#6 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

^hmmm were you hanging with 3 other Canada?...I did take a pic of 3 Canada's with bears (maybe you were in there) there was originally 4 at the time but one ran off (??)...

Good luck with your HSC^-^

#7 Miss-Kagamine on 6 years ago

^yup that was me, I had the small white bear.
thank you, only 34 days of school left.

#8 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

^(looking at the picture)- out of the three I like your's betta, your goggles look heapz mad!
So jealous right now >^<

#9 Miss-Kagamine on 6 years ago

It makes me so glad to hear that as in all the pictures and videos( mainly videos taken by the people in the group) had the two other Canada's except me. I spent quite a while on my cosplay and invested in buying a good quality wig.

Yeah I am really looking forward to finishing but not so much to the HSC, but once it's finished I never have to do it again. I am really looking forward to getting my oral Japanese exam over and done with.

#10 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

lucky you! I still have a year and a term left of crummy school =-= I pretty much failing year 11and I think I'm gonna fail year 12 too, meh. all I care about is doing well in Modern History and that's it, all my other subjects an kill themselves.

teachers say that the judges that come in and supervise are like Nazi's, where the slightest sound or disturbance could jeopardise your HSC final mark or something...I don't really know.


if anyone want's to see my pictures that I took at smash, i've uploaded most of them...
also if anyone see's themselves tell me or if they'd like me to take down the picture.

thankyou to those who let me take there pictures ^^

#11 JD_cosplay on 6 years ago

I had a truly FANTASTIC time at SMASH! It's my debut in SMASH! I loved it!

I was cosplaying as Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura. I entered Madman Cosplay Competition. I hope you all who enjoyed watching my cosplay short-performance. Glad I met some Cardcaptor Sakura (a few of cute Sakura Kinomoto, and only one Meiling Li) cosplayers, and I got AMAZING photos with them!

I'm pleased to see so many people like my costume, and asked me for take photos of me and together. How lovely!

#12 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago

JD_cosplay : I saw you and took pics with you^_^ your costume was awesome :L very well made...

by any chance do you have the picture of us tugging at a clow card? the picture on my camera didn't come out properly =_= I was the Sakura in a school uniform with a sealing wand...

#13 JD_cosplay on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=CorporatePuppet;4460915]JD_cosplay : I saw you and took pics with you^_^ your costume was awesome :L very well made...

by any chance do you have the picture of us tugging at a clow card? the picture on my camera didn't come out properly =_= I was the Sakura in a school uniform with a sealing wand...[/QUOTE]

CorporatePuppet: Oh wow it was you who met me and got cool photos of us included tugging on the Clow Card! Yes that I'm Deaf person. I'm appreciated your nice comment of my Syaoran Li costume. I bought it from ebay last year. I created my own new yellow-card prop. It was pleased to meet you. Your Sakura Kinomoto looked actually wonderful and so cute! :D

Okay I shall PM you for the photos links what I have.

#14 CorporatePuppet on 6 years ago


I've spent like forever looking for pics =_=

you looked awesome...much betta them me:) I have to say, as soon as I saw your cosplay I basically ran for you! I was like MUST GET A PICTURE! MUST!!!!

anyway hope to see you at the next con :)

#15 JD_cosplay on 6 years ago

You are welcome, [b]CorporatePuppet[/b] aka pretty Sakura Kinomoto cosplayer! ;)

Thanks again. Yes that's right as whenever I saw any Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayers included you; I must gotta to go immediately and ask for take photos together before it's too late! Plus I started working on my video called 'Syaoran Li's Adventure in SMASH! Highlight'. I shall finish this editing-video before next week. I'll upload it on YouTube.

Actually I'm from Melbourne. I went Sydney last weekend for SMASH! It was for my special short holiday trip. Hmm. Possible I'm going to EB Games Expo at Sydney Showgrounds/Olympics Park on October 5th to 7th. This convention has included cosplay competition stuff. :)

Sure I hope I'll see you again someday. :D