Dragonball 2008

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#1 GraelynRose on 13 years ago

UPDATE: Please tell me what day you are attending and what cosplay you are doing! I am deleting the original list.

Alright! We all know Dragonball is still going strong. We've had some great gatherings in the past. Who's up for it again? :D

Time and Place:
Friday- 8 PM in front of fountains
Saturday- 5 PM in front of fountains

Friday Shoot:
screamedwhisper- Videl
princedraco- Android 17
NarutoRaver- Android 16

Saturday Shoot:
screamedwhisper- Pan
princedraco- Android 17
MisatoNpenpen- Bulma
Shikachou- Kuririn
nmenick- Goku
NarutoRaver- Android 16

#2 Solargirl on 13 years ago

Yay for Dragonball! XD I plan to bring Saiyanman and Bulma :D

#3 Toni the Mink on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=screamedwhisper;2168002]Alright! We all know Dragonball is still going strong. We've had some great gatherings in the past. Who's up for it again? :D[/QUOTE]

Put me down for GT Trunks this year :)

#4 chouhanwei on 13 years ago

I never did a DB cosplay before, but if I have the time, money and resources, I'll go all out and show up as Perfect Cell. Wish me luck.

#5 GraelynRose on 13 years ago

Wow, people. Only 3 DBZ cosplayers so far?

#6 SilentCAt on 13 years ago

raises paw
Kid Gohan here

#7 GraelynRose on 13 years ago

:( Sorry. I haven't checked this thread or any of cosplay.com in a while. @[email protected] I'll add Silentcat to the list now.

#8 Pirate King on 13 years ago

Ha ha ha tha sounds Awsome!!! I'll be kid Son Goku!

#9 GraelynRose on 13 years ago

Aww. I was expecting more with the Dragonball movie coming out and all.

#10 Glay on 13 years ago

Dude I'm so there. Otakon 2008 is DBZcon for me. I'm trying to decide just what DBZ cosplays to bring for Sat/Sun.

It'll be my first time going to Otakon! I'm looking forward to meeting other DBZ fans! =D

#11 Sirea on 13 years ago

I hope the DBZ gathering is as awesome this year as it was last year! I'm hoping to make a Chichi cos this time around. :3

edit: I know no one has talked about times for this gathering yet, but can I put in a request to not have it at 4 or 7 on Friday or at 1 or 2 on Saturday? I'm really struggling with my photoshoots, everyone decided to have them at the same time. ;;

#12 nmenick on 13 years ago

im going as goku from z or older gohan from z in highschool uniform dont know which one yet. ill post when im sure.

#13 unyuu on 13 years ago

I'll be hanging around with Glay and our varying group. XD We're working out when we're gonna be doing what, but I'm, bringing along Desert Bandit Yamucha for friday and Saiyan Saga Chichi for saturday.

#14 ZGoku296 on 13 years ago

Whilst I'll have neither the time nor the resources to come up with a DBZ outfit by Otakon (friend and I had talked about doing Kid Goten and Kid Trunks), I'll certainly be there to get some pics of you guys. Brings a tear of joy to this old timer's eye to see Dragonball in all 3 of its inceptions still going strong!

#15 unyuu on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Shikachou;2352511]Wow, how is it that I've only *just* discovered this thread...?

Anyway, I'll be cosplaying with Glay and unyuu. I'm going to be their early!DB!Kuririn for original DB day.... and possibly chibi Pan (orange gi) for our group's DBZ day. ^___^ ...and maybe something Kuririn-ish for DBZ day.[/QUOTE]


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