Homestuck Cosplay 2012?!?!

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#1 Ace_of_Tarot on 7 years ago

So... anyone else interested in forming a Homestuck cosplay group for 2012? I'm definitely going as Karkat, probably Friday and Saturday, and none of my friends like Homestuck... so I'mma be all alone, and I don't particularly want that... because Karkat can't troll the empty spaces where other trolls are supposed to be. Or kids. Or fantrolls. So... anyone interested? If so, just post here and we can plan our deviousness of random! Thanks for reading~

#2 Zillar on 7 years ago

[COLOR="Dodgerblue"]Hey I am totally considering doing a troll c:
Buuut. I haven't made a decision on who yet >n>
I have a god tier John and Default Rose cosplay already, but for some reason I feel compelled to cover myself in grey body paint :I

Considering Troll!Rose, Terezi, Nepeta, or possibly Vriska.

#3 mana dolly on 7 years ago

If I can make it I am planing to cosplay Dave and Karkat.
Karkat can Troll him self! He's pretty good at that.

#4 Gnomester on 7 years ago

I might be going as Terezi.
There are going to be a TON of Homestucks there so none of y'all will be lonely :)