Homestuck photoshoot?

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#1 silentshadow31 on 7 years ago

Has anyone been planning a Homestuck photoshoot? If not, is anyone interested in doing one?

I'll be attending as Roxy Lalonde (Mom version), with my fiance along as Dad, and I'd be delighted to get pictures with any other Homestuck cosplayers willing to come along for the ried.


#2 Axelai on 7 years ago

I will be attending in Homestuck cosplay, along with many of my friends! So I guess keep an eye out for us?

#3 silentshadow31 on 7 years ago

Nice! Do you think it'd be worth settling on a time/place for a specific meetup? Say, 4:13pm on Saturday at the pagoda (for example)? We could tell other Homestuck cosplayers we see around the con all day, too, and that way we'd all be gathered for awesome pictures by that afternoon. :D

#4 Evil_Mochi on 7 years ago

I'm down. DUnno if I'll really be cosplaying but I hope that at least a gathering can happen?