Costumes for Costume-Con?

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#1 supergeekgirl on 7 years ago

What costumes do you plan to wear for Costume-Con? Making anything new? Have a hall costume you're really excited about?

Tell us!

#2 Sarcasm-hime on 7 years ago

I'm making something new for the Single Pattern, I'll be entering in the Historical, and as for hall costumes....don't really know! I have one new costume (Nomiya Maki concert outfit) I'll probably wear in the halls, but for the rest it may be just kimono. I don't have a lot of stuff that people at CC haven't already seen!

#3 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

contest i entering:
single pattern
fashion folio
regular maskerade
doll costume thingy

courte pointe thingy

i think that it if its all fit in my luggage of course
ill try to bring a floor one maybe^^

#4 von Drago on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=trixyloupwolf;4282676]contest i entering:

courte pointe thingy

What's that?

#5 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

errgg o i remember now the english word yay

o oups forgot again while writing arr

o ya QUILT thingy ^^

#6 supergeekgirl on 7 years ago

I'm PLANNING to enter:

Doll competition
Future Fashion Folio
F&SF Masquerade

What I KNOW I can finish:
Future Fashion Folio

What my husband plans on entering:
Single Pattern Contest
F&SF Masquerade

And we're doing two separate F&SF entries. No historical this year. :

#7 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

YEAH!! awsome more time with some friend in green room ^^::( event dough iam no big talker =_= sorry to be shy ish ^^::its becose i never know what to say ^^
but just saying iam very happy wen i pass time with friends ^^

yay doll contest is very fun i need to kick my ass to sew my stuff haha!!!
i sew 5 min yestersday =_= i need to sew more ^^::

yeah arizona gonna be fun to visit too ^^ <3 wahou cactus in the street ( i guess = lol)

#8 Efecss on 7 years ago

Well, right now, I may not make it because expenses here have gotten way out of hand. But, I am planning to remade and "upgrade" a costume I won with at a WorldCon a few years ago.

And I may do the historic masque, as a viking story teller doing Ray Steven's Erik the Awful.

And I am hoping to have Avatar roku and one of my Beast Wars Pokemon done, too.

#9 ScarletRhapsody on 6 years ago

I'll be going to Costume Con in 2015 and I'm already filled with ideas to submit for the masquerades and various contests. So super stoked!

#10 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

This will be my 7th year of going to costume con, and I still have only ever made 2 costumes for it, (the Single Pattern Competition at CC26 and the Historical for CC30). I'm always organizing costuming events for other people and never seem to have time to dedicate to making stuff for myself.

So I have no idea if I'll have anything for this year. ^_^;

P.S. Organizing CC32 is eating my life! LOL

#11 CapsuleCorp on 6 years ago

I feel you, Kaijugal. That's going to be me after the bid goes through.

I usually concentrate on a masquerade entry first and foremost, and intend to do Single Pattern or Future Fashion Folio if I have time. But so far, I haven't managed to leave myself enough time before the con to do another costume. We'll see how that goes for Denver!

(and Toronto. And Charleston...)

#12 trixyloupwolf on 6 years ago

going to denver casn't wait starting my fashion folio dress
single pattern half done ^^::

fantaisie costume mmm ill use something i already have that almost done will try to finish it and all

doll costume done from last summer ^^:;;

hope iam not forgetting any contest nya!!!

#13 khenemetset on 6 years ago

I keep seeing this topic and I'm all..."Ooooo, I'm going to make something fun and new."

Then, I remember sis and I aren't going to Denver and it makes me sad.

Hope everyone has a good time and makes awesome costumes so I can drool at the pics later. :)

#14 supergeekgirl on 6 years ago

Not going this year either. I'm moving to a new place and just won't have time or money.

I do plan on attending Toronto, though!

#15 Buddycat on 6 years ago

I'm still working on a Historical outfit, but will have to see how this works out, timing-wise. We'll see how the next 4 weeks go. Also, the cost of some accessories may prevent me from having it ready for this year, so I may switch to a couple of hall projects.